Lady Gaga: The Kidnappers Of Her Dogs Arrested

The kidnappers of Lady Gaga's dogs have been arrested: according to investigators they did not know that the dogs belonged to the pop star.

The kidnappers of Lady Gaga's dogs have been arrested ! As reported by the Guardian , the LAPD arrested five people involved in the unfortunate episode that occurred last February and nearly killed the pop star's dog sitter, who was forced to hospitalize. The woman who had brought the dogs back to their mistress was also arrested : she too would be involved in the theft. According to the investigators' reconstructions, the criminal gang was unaware of who owned the dogs and had tried the hit by focusing only on the value of the animals.

The kidnapping of Lady Gaga's dogs: the words of the dog sitter


The misadventure, which could have had dramatic implications, was told in recent weeks by Ryan Fischer , the dog sitter who was the victim of the shooting. Apparently the boy was walking Gaga's three dogs when the robbers suddenly attacked him.

Fortunately, a camera installed on the door of a house filmed the scene, helping investigators to track down all the men involved in the robbery and subsequent shooting. The material perpetrators of the theft were James Jackson (18), Lafayette Whaley (27) and Jaylin White (19). The father of the latter, 40-year-old Harold White, and his partner, Jennifer McBride, 50, have also been arrested. The woman herself had returned the dogs to the police in recent weeks.

Lady Gaga and the reward offered

Distraught immediately after the kidnapping, Gaga, who at the time had just landed in Italy to shoot the film about the Gucci murder, offered a $ 500,000 reward to anyone who brought her dogs back, no questions asked. Two days later the precious pets were returned to the police , but it is unclear whether the woman who returned them received the reward offered by the pop star. Below is a photo of Gaga with the little dog Asia :

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