Udo Lindenberg Is Leaving His Home After 26 Years - The Hotel Atlantic

Udo had lived a good third of his life in the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, because of the corona virus he had to vacate his three-room suite.  


Extravagant home
In the 1990s, Udo Lindenberg first stayed at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg, which had opened in 1909 as a grand hotel for passengers on the Hamburg-America Line. A little later he treated himself to a three-room suite and from now on lived on the second floor of the resort. He himself was also the only guest who was allowed to smoke in the hotel and so far kept the secret of how much he would pay per month for his stay.

Lindenberg himself already wrote messages about the current situation like “I'll stay at home. Fuck the virus ”before he explained:“ Many of you are running around the clock, in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and supermarkets, daycare centers and schools and also at home with the kids. Many artists, clubs, pubs and other self-employed people are struggling to survive, are on standby and do not know what to do next. And especially when. Real hard. [...]Stay cool - turn on your brain. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, we might still try to find something good. For every antisocial full nest out there, thousands of doctors, cleaners, cashiers and nurses come every day ... (who push to the limits of their strength for we are all there ... So everyone who is still on the street, full responsibility, two meters away, come on full solidarity. BUT IT'S BETTER STAY AT HOME !!!!

Where Udo Lindenberg is meanwhile and whether he will ever return to the hotel, which has 221 rooms and suites, pool, sauna and fitness facilities and offers space for 1,200 guests, has not been explained in more detail. Meanwhile, his paintings will continue to get stuck in the Atlantic, and who knows? Perhaps the 73-year-old will paint more works of art in the coming days and weeks and send them to the owner of the hotel.

Udo Lindenberg

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