Driving Ban: Pietro Lombardi Has Lost His Driving License

In the coming days and weeks, Lombardi will be driving without a car and spoke for the first time about the loss of his driver's license. 

In the coming days and weeks, Lombardi will be driving without a car and spoke for the first time about the loss of his driver's license.

Celebrity status doesn't help.

Shortly before the birth of his son Alessio in 2015, the winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar of the year 2011 decided to finally get his driver's license. After two attempts for the theory and practical test, Pietro Lombardi was able to look forward to his rag and now seems to have exaggerated it a little:

As he confessed to his fans at the beginning of June 2021, he had to surrender his driver's license for one month on May 18, 2021 and after an advertising shoot in Turkey said to his fans via Instagram: “I'm really looking forward to being home. I don't have a driver's license, but it doesn't matter - I'll somehow get through the time without a driver's license. [...] Unfortunately, I drove a few kilometers an hour too fast, and that's why my driver's license is gone for now. "

Still, he would tell the days until June 18, 2021. Because on that date he finally got his rag back after a four-week driving ban. According to the current “catalog of fines”, Lombardi must have been traveling a lot too fast. “The first regular driving ban is imposed if the person concerned was driving at least 21 km / h too fast in a town. This corresponds to a one month driving ban. The higher the speed, the longer the driving ban lasts ”, it says on the website. In line with this, the musician should either have reached that speed for the second time in a year or even had between 41 and 60 km / h too much on the speedometer, whereupon he had to give up the rag ...

Pietro wrote: “I want to give you as much good mood as possible with this song during the difficult times. Team Lombi, I hope you like it ”

It has not been confirmed whether we will also be presented with a “Ti Amo” music video on June 18, 2021.


Pietro Lombardi

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