Rapper RK Arrested For Domestic Violence

While a vid, recent days, a video has been circulating on social networks showing the muscular arrest of French rapper RK by several police officers. 

 You have my arm, I swear you let go of the artist during this short sequence which logically affected social networks. If the reasons for his arrest by the police were not immediately revealed, 20 Minutes finally revealed that the event occurred on Saturday noon and that RK is suspected of domestic violence on his partner. After spending two nights in custody at the Chessy police station, he was sent to the Meaux public prosecutor's office where he received a summons to stand trial in August.also indicate our colleagues. Laureline Peyrefitte, prosecutor of the Republic of Meaux, then declared that the audience of the artist is fixed at August 11, where the interpreter of "C'est mon sang" will be judged for the facts which are reproached to him.

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By that date, RK is free. Indeed, the rapper was released under judicial supervision with a ban on contacting his partner, who filed a complaint against him. According to information from 20 minutes , the young woman was struck by the artist during an argument. She would then have warned her mother, who would have contacted the police, arresting RK in flagrante delicto.. Aged 19 and from Meaux, RK, whose real name is Ryad Kartoum, immediately found success with his first album "Insolent", released in 2018 and certified platinum for more than 100,000 sales. His arrest also follows only a few days the announcement of the release on July 2 of his fourth studio album entitled "100 Grudges", led by the single "Menott" with Landy.


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