Top Singles: Naps Is Still A Hit

The Top Singles still sees Naps triumph! The rapper is still num. And 5! For the fifth non-consecutive week, Naps takes first place in the Top Singles with "La kiffance". 

 Making France dance, the Marseille rapper even allows his streaming costs to increase by 11% to reach nearly 5.1 million streams. The gap is thus widening with the competition! Indeed, Alonzo remains second with "La seleao" thanks to 3.76 million listens this week, an increase of 4%. But, to be expected, Aya Nakamura is making a place for herself in the lead trio with her new single "Bobo", by to become one of the hits of the summer. For its debut, the solar title recorded 3.6 million listens on platforms, more than MHD. A real musical event, since the rapper

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Booba top 10, heavy fall for BTS

Another novelty that is making sparks this week: that of Imen Es who should once again land a hit with "Try Again", the single which announces the arrival of his next album. Fans were at the rendezvous as the song, fifth on the Top, recorded 2.58 million listens for its first week. What allow him to precede "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" of Lil Nas X which moves back three floors and finds himself sixth in the ranking of the most popular titles in France with 2.54 million streams (-4%) . Faced with all these novelties favored by the general public, also fell for Gazo with "Haine & Sex", 7th (-3 places, 2.44 million streams) or even Moha K who backs up from 5th to 8th place with " Vroum Vroum "(2.22 million, -3%). For The Weeknd, it's the opposite way. Thanks to its remix with Ariana Grande, "Save Your Tears" saw its costs climb by 11% 2.20 million: the single gained three floors and ended up 9th, thus re-entering the top 10. Finally,Booba directly lands in 10th place with his new sound "Plaza Athne" that fans have listened to over and over: as proof, 2.1 million streams were recorded in one week.

In the rest of the Top Singles, the novelties are still numerous. Among them, the solo single from Tiakola, member of the group 4Keus who will release his first album in 2021. With "Pousse toi", produced in 1 hour for booska-P, the artist enters 18th in the ranking, motivating 1.71 million listenings in seven days. Far behind, Vald is content with 31st place with "Footballer" (1.29 million streams), while BTS falls heavily with "Butter". Entering 7th last week, the K-pop group plummeted 25 steps at once: the single was 1.19 million times on platforms, a drop of 35%. Follow Marwa Loud, 39th with "Bimbo" feat. Moha K and 1.12 million streams, DTF 47th with "Dans la savane" and 1.04 million listens or even Gims who landed 51st with "C'est quoi l'del", his feat event with Nekfeu, cost 1.01 million times on streaming platforms.


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Cr7 15 January 2017
Ca Deal-Tire 22 January 2017
ALLEZ ALLEZ 01 February 2017
Gros Mytho 13 February 2017
Elle T'a Piqué 22 March 2017
Oklm Freestyle 04 May 2017
Caprisun 06 May 2017
Ciao 20 May 2017
Vroum Vroum 27 May 2017
Lv 24 June 2017
Angelina 21 July 2017
Le Zin / La Zine 03 August 2017
Capuchés 05 September 2017
En Equipe 16 September 2017
Partir Loin 17 September 2017
Cet Hiver 18 September 2017
Tropiko 19 September 2017
Vie De Fou 20 September 2017
Y'a Deleli 21 September 2017
Barrio 23 September 2017
Le Sens Des Affaires 23 September 2017
Momo Design 24 September 2017
Jm'en Balele 25 September 2017
Qué Pasa 26 September 2017
Faut Que J'me Taille 27 September 2017
Chouchou 28 September 2017
Jour J 29 September 2017
Costa Brava 30 September 2017
Slr 01 October 2017
Ok Manny 02 October 2017
Mon Poto Ma Poto 03 October 2017
La Blue 04 October 2017
Ceux Qui Se Lèvent Ghetto 05 October 2017
La Tchatche 06 October 2017
T'as Raison D'y Croire 07 October 2017
Recherché 03 February 2018
Dans Le Block 02 March 2018
A L'instinct 13 March 2018
Favela 22 March 2018
On Est Fait Pour Ça 08 June 2019
Rappelle-Toi 20 June 2019
Vito 30 June 2019
Vovo 01 August 2019
Mal Barrés 05 September 2019
Ghetto 22 September 2019
Ti Amo 21 October 2019
Carré Vip 06 February 2020
6.3 21 February 2020
Enfant Du Block 06 March 2020
Poropop 19 March 2020

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