Eurovision: The Winner Accused Of Plagiarism

Winner of Eurovision 2021 with their song "Zitti E Buoni", the Italian group Maneskin is once again in turmoil. Rockers are charged

What would rock be without a scent of controversy? Since its victory in Eurovision 2021 with its song "Zitti E Buoni", the Italian group Maneskin has paid the price for its sulphurous image. From the moment Italy was crowned winner of the competition ahead of Barbara Pravi for France, singer Damiano David found himself at the heart of a huge scandal and accused of having consumed drugs live during the grand final , following the dissemination of confusing images. A situation taken very seriously by the organization of Eurovision, which opened an internal investigation to shed light on the events.

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If the affair caused a stir, the Maneskin group was finally cleared of all suspicion after undergoing a negative drug test. For us, that wasn't really a problem. We knew it was bullshit. We have never done and never will do such a thing on television in front of 180 million viewers. We never did cocaine or other drugs and we immediately said "Test us because we have nothing to hide and we don't want people to say stupid things about us or our music". We are so happy with our victory that we want to focus on it and not on that stupid thing , replied bassist Victoria De Angelis, happy to be able to savor her coronation after a few troubled days.

"Rock and roll never dies"

Alas, Maneskin is caught up with another controversy. Their song "Zitti E Buoni" is accused by the Dutch group The Vendettas of being a little too inspired by an already existing track. The rock anthem would resemble the title "You Want It, Youve Got It", released in 1994 and therefore before the birth of the members of Maneskin. The question now is whether this is plagiarism. These young people were naturally not yet born in our group. But like Maneskin said rock and roll never diessays Joris Linssen, who spoke to Dutch media RTL Boulevard. If the musician wants to leave the benefit of the doubt to the winners of Eurovision, he specifies that by discovering the title "Zitti E Buoni", he with his associates launched a discussion on a messaging application entitled "El Plagio". By comparing the two songs, one can indeed draw parallels between the guitar riffs on which the two songs are based. Enough to talk about a copy? It's an ordinary blues rock guitar riff used in thousands of different songs, one YouTube user points out. Case to follow, therefore.


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