Gigi D'Alessio In The Car With His Girlfriend Denise: The Gesture That Surprises The Fans

Gigi D'Alessio was pinched by fans in the car with his girlfriend Denise: the reaction of the singer after being recognized.

Gigi D'Alessio and Denise Esposito were caught in the car together! For some time now the pink magazines have discovered the new love story of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter. After having closed the long relationship with Anna Tatangelo, not without some controversy that has come to light in the last few days, Gigi has started a new story with Denise Esposito, a splendid blonde fan known in Capri in the summer of 2020. Since then the two, despite the age difference of over twenty years, they would not have left each other, and lately they would have been spotted together even on social occasions, hand in hand ... or locked in the car!

Gigi D'Alessio and Denise in the car together: the singer's reaction

In the last few days, a video shot by some fans has been circulating on the web. The protagonists of the clip are Gigi and Denise, in the car together . The two, after a public event, got into the car hastily, accompanied by security. He got on the wheel of the SUV with the beautiful blonde at his side, while he was trying to go away, the singer-songwriter was recognized by some fans, despite his hat and glasses covering his face.

Someone then yelled his name to get his attention. And what was the reaction of the well-known 54-year-old singer-songwriter? The artist put his finger to his mouth and invited everyone to shut up so that he could help him escape without being noticed. Below is the viral clip:

Gigi D'Alessio: the story with Denise

The news of the beginning of the relationship between Gigi and Denise was given for the first time in March by the director of Novella 2000 , and has been confirmed in recent days by many photos and public images of the two together, some even hand in hand. Having met in Capri, Denise and Gigi ( 26 years of difference ) would have started dating continuously in the summer of 2020, immediately finding great affinities between them. So far they have chosen to keep the story away from the spotlight, but they would already be living together, dividing between Rome , where the Neapolitan singer-songwriter lives, and Naples , where the blonde Esposito lives.

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