A former employee of Kanye West has filed a lawsuit against the American rapper, alleging harsh working conditions and unlawful termination. Learn more about the legal battle and previous allegations against West.

A former employee of American rapper Kanye West, Tony Saxon, has filed a lawsuit against the artist. This news comes from NBC News, citing the legal complaint. The document states that Saxon worked on a project at West's hip-hop artist home in Malibu under harsh conditions and was unlawfully terminated for failing to meet dangerous requirements. Preliminary information suggests that the former employee, who also served as a site supervisor and security guard, was supposed to make the building "resemble a bomb shelter from the 1910s." The plan included removing windows, plumbing, and electricity, as well as replacing stairs with slides. According to the plaintiff, the working conditions were horrific. He suffered neck and back injuries and lived in the under-construction house throughout the entire renovation period. Saxon emphasized that the hip-hop artist expelled him when he refused to relocate generators to the house, as it could further jeopardize his health. In March 2023, it was reported that Cecilia Haley, a former teacher at the school founded by Kanye West, filed a lawsuit against the educational institution for racial discrimination. The former employee of the Donda Academy also claimed that she and her daughter, who also taught at the school, had their salaries withheld and were unlawfully terminated "in retaliation for reporting code violations."

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