A court has granted a restraining order to American singer Billy Eilish against a persistent fan who stalked her and her family. The order prohibits the fan from approaching Eilish and contacting her through social media.

A court has issued a restraining order against a 53-year-old fan of American singer Billy Eilish, prohibiting him from approaching the artist and her family. The order was granted after the persistent fan bombarded Eilish and her loved ones with hundreds of messages since September, including disturbing love confessions and threats towards her brother. Additionally, the man repeatedly stalked Eilish near her home and her family's residence.

Eilish took legal action against the stalker, resulting in the court's decision to restrict his proximity to the star and her family to no closer than 100 yards (slightly over 90 meters). Furthermore, he is prohibited from contacting the singer through social media platforms.

This incident follows the arrest of a man who was pursuing American actress Drew Barrymore and attempting to locate Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

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