The Impact and Significance of Daft Punk

It’s Friday night and this means you plan to hang out with your friends and listen to some good EDM and techno music.

It’s Friday night and this means you plan to hang out with your friends and listen to some good EDM and techno music.

One good beat after the other, with artists such as Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd, Kanye West and many others. Suddenly you begin to wonder “I wonder how the EDM genre developed”.


Upon researching you discover that all the above-mentioned artists have one thing in common: they collaborated with Daft Punk and released top charting hits. Plus, you also find out that Daft Punk is an important act as they shaped electronic music for the last 20-odd years.


How did this happen?

The key is to rewind time back to the late 1990s when Daft Punk released their first album “Homework”. It's significance? It was produced at home with very little sophisticated technology and, therefore, embodied the rawness and essence of the techno rave culture that predominated at the time. One can find traces of Detroit and Chicago house music blended with European techno sounds.

A few years later, the band would release its most successful and revolutionary album in history: Discovery. Here we have French house music influences but had samples and inspiration from the 1970s disco era and the 1980s New Romantic Synth movement. The ballad “Digital Love” was not only a commercial success entering into music charts but was also an electro love ballad that made generations dance the night away. They began topping American charts with the hits “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and “One More Time”.

The French duo not only changed the techno and dance scene but also influenced other artists who would go on to be household names. Skrillex has credited the French band many times for being an inspiration and has been a pioneering EDM and dubstep artist and producer with hits like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “Where Are U Now?”, collaborating with teen sensation Justin Bieber.

World famous Swedish DJ Eric Prydz has also stated that Daft Punk has inspired him to become a DJ and release hits. His remixed single “Call On Me” is an iconic piece achieved by adopting the sampling technique to an old 1980s song and adding beats to it to make it appealing on the dancefloor.


Deadmau5 is another big act that has admitted that the duo had an impact on his life and artistic choices as a DJ and producer. His productions “Faxing Berlin”, “Move for Me” and “I Remember” have reached #1 in the US Dance charts and reached the Top 20 in the UK


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