The Influence of Eurovision on the Music Charts

Entering and topping a music chart is the dream of every music artist and an immense task considering the competition from not only other artists but also different genres of music.

There are, fortunately, many outlets and platforms that allow musicians and songwriters to showcase their talents for the wider audience and fight equally for the #1 spot and other prestigious placings in the official charts system.


One very valuable platform, especially for European acts, is the Eurovision Song Contest. The latter has managed to launch artists to international stardom such as Bucks Fizz and, most notably, ABBA. Eurovision plays an important role when it comes to singles and them charting, especially around Europe and even the world.

By showcasing your talents for at least one evening, millions of viewers can listen to the song and decide whether they like it enough to vote it in order for it to win. Sounds easy, right?


The contest has not only launched many and diverse contestants but has also popularised many different genres from Loreen with her trance song to Katrina and the Waves with a more distinct rock sound. A surprising winner was Lorde in 2006 with their hard rock anthem “Hard Rock Hallelujah!” making Finland a first-time winner. The band then became very popular in the U.S. and the rest of Europe when they released more songs and albums.

However, the biggest sensation to capture the attention of everyone was Sweden’s ABBA. With hits such as “Mamma Mia!”, “Money Money Money” and “Super Trooper”, the quartet have dominated the charted for almost a decade. Recently, musicals have been elaborated based on their most popular songs.


Another stellar act that has managed to achieve global success is Conchita Wurst with her anthem “Rise Like a Phoenix”. The artist is a valuable member of the LGBTQ+ community and performs to raise awareness of AIDS and raises funds for its research.

We cannot wait to see what other acts emerge from Eurovision this year, will they be another ABBA? Only time will tell.



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