Who will win Eurovision? Analysis of the odds and critical opinions

With Eurovision 2019 fast approaching many fans and critics are already discussing and attempting to guess who will win this year’s edition.

After last year’s opinion over Netta proved to be right, will this year prove to be this easy? Let’s find out!

Most of the participating countries have now chosen their representative to send to Israel to snatch the trophy and victory and let their country host the next edition of the competition.


There have been a few controversial wins in some countries with acts such as Mahmood and Bilal Hassani provoking the press and public with their style or political expressions; however, will they win Eurovision?


According to experts, because Netta won last year there is not a high chance that there could be a second continuous win. On the other hand, Russia’s Sergey Lazarev is a likely candidate to win Eurovision as he came third in the 2016 edition and it would be a significant year for the country because it would return after a disappointing round last year. Accordingly, many are placing bets for the singer to win the competition this time around.


However, Sweden has presented a strong candidate for this year’s edition with John Lundvik and his song “Too Late For Love”. Curiously, Lundvik has also co-written the UK’s “Bigger Than Us” song entry for the 2019 entry. Therefore, the artist has more than once the opportunity to win and make a name for himself.

Another force to not underestimate is The Netherlands with Duncan Laurence and his song “Arcade” which is a ballad that will warm hearts and, according to experts, it may be the song to beat as Laurence appears to most likely win this year’s edition. After a narrow second place in 2014 with “Calm After the Storm” by the Common Linnets, beaten by Conchita Wurst by only a few votes, the last time the Netherlands won the competition was in 1975. Will this be the lucky time?


The least acts likely to win, unfortunately, is Montenegro with “Heaven” by D mol, Georgia with “Sul Tsin Iare” by Oto Nemsadze, San Marino with “Say Na Na Na” by Serhat, Germany with “Sister” by S!sters. The reasons? The first one could be that some songs are sung in a language that is not known by many like Georgian or Serbian. A second reason could the lack of melody or catchiness to the song that makes the trackless appealing than the others and, therefore, not victorious.


Who would you like to win Eurovision?


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