Top Charting Artists in North Macedonia

Today most popular hit songs are sung in English and can be found in every country, making local singers less known abroad and less appealable to an international audience because the language is not entirely intelligible.

This is the case of countries such as North Macedonia where there are many different languages spoken such as Macedonian and Albanian, the two official languages, Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish and Aromanian. For such a small nation it hosts a vast variety of minorities. However, it is still possible to listen to local music as they also happen to top the charts not only in their native country but also in other Balkan countries.



By observing the current chart, it appears that Albanian and Macedonian are the predominant languages found and in fact, surprisingly, the Top 10 consists of non-English speaking artists.

Currently topping the charts are Slatkaristika & 2Bona with their track “Dijamanti” which can be translated into “diamonds”. It is a hip hop track, confirming that the genre together with trap is the dominant styles in the music scene. The official video has around a million and a half views and is also the most streamed song in the country.


Another popular artist that is currently charting is Vlatko Lozanoski with his song “Majko” which is Macedonian for mother. In contrast to the current #1, this song is more traditional as the melodies contain more conventional instruments such as the violin and percussions, the video also depicts everyday scenes of life.

Another trending artist is “ILLMILL” who is currently charting with “Off Records”. Once again, hip hop and trap are predominant in the song and the artist appears to embrace the tough lifestyle by brandishing guns and violence, to denounce the crime and harshness of life in certain areas of Macedonia. The official video has amassed over one and a half million views and is one of the most popularly viewed so far.


There are more Balkan pop inspired tunes such as “Ko Sam Ja Teri Sad” which translated roughly into “Who I Am Tear Now” and is sung by Alen Hasanovic featuring Belma Karsic. It is a tune that is also popular in Serbia and Bosnia at the moment and has almost three million views on YouTube, making it a highly popular video and song in the Balkans at the moment.



We wish the very best for these artists!


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