Booba reveals a picture of his two luxury cars

While we expect to return with a new album soon, Booba has unveiled a picture where we discover his two luxury cars!

On his favorite social network, Instagram, the rapper Booba has unveiled a picture where we can discover two luxury cars. To the right of this image is a Rolls Royce Wraith reviewed and corrected by Eagles Motorsport and on the left, a beautiful Lamborghini Huracán .

There are already several months, Booba announced on Radio OKLM he would unveil an album made of unreleased tracks current 2017. B2O also said that this new album will come out exactly "before or after the summer" .

There are only a few months to wait to discover this new album. At the time, he also stated:

"I have 13 or 14 pieces. I honed. "DKR" will be on the album. I feel that this is the biggest hit of my career" .

In the month of March, the Duke of Boulogne also taunted his entire fanbase. B2O announced that his daughter, Luna , already knew the release date of the next album from his father. The date should be announced soon.

If Duke has not issued the release date of the album, it still gives new information on this album. The interpreter of "DKR" plays on outstanding. Indeed, it does not deliver the album title or its cover, let alone its release date. No, Booba marinated fans with the following comment: "Soon the time to select the last sounds of the album ..." .

If it does not contain many details, this news indicates however that the future B2O album is expected soon. This is certainly what we hope! Since his album "Nero Nemesis" , available since December 4, 2015, the rapper only get a few unpublished. Not enough to satisfy his audience!


/ Popnable Media