Alensandra Djelmash - Up Like an Angel and Down Like a Wounded Ox

Serbia has no shortage of session musicians, even when it comes to amazing vocalists. What there is a shortage of, is singers with a dynamic vocal range.

Say, if you wanted to start a thrash metal band, you’d be able to find a vocalist pretty quickly. The same goes for funk, especially for jazz. Most of these singers tend to stick to a particular genre – they don’t much break out of their comfort zone.

It takes someone truly interested and dedicated to the world of music to acquire a dynamic vocal range. By “dynamic”, I mean not someone who has managed to master several vocal techniques, but someone who knows when and how to utilize and properly link them in a piece of music. Few Serbian vocalists (that I know of) are capable of doing this, and Aleksandra Djelmash is definitely one of them.

Heavy, niche music

It is quite rare for a female vocalist to master the growling/screaming as a vocal technique (mind you, this involves a lot of practice in order to do properly, without permanently damaging one’s voice). A vocalist who is fully capable of sounding unique while performing these techniques is a rare thing, regardless of gender. As you probably already figured, Aleksandra is just that – a unique little unicorn in the sea of heavy music mediocrity.

The uniqueness of her grit, screams and growls is apparent even on a pop-oriented metal album by Sordid Pink (ex-Destiny Potato). It is especially notable on a track called “Smile” from David Maxim Micic’s Bilo 3.0 record. It is obvious that the heavy, ominously growling sounds are coming from a female vocalist’s throat, but there’s just something disturbing and unnatural about them on the beginning of the above-mentioned progressive metal track. It’s the kind of voice that you aren’t sure whether you love or hate; always a good sign when it comes to art.



It is not an uncommon thing, for a TRVE metalhead to hate on popular music. A true musician, however, knows how to find beauty in every genre of music, especially in pop, as it is the most relatable genre to the vast majority of people. Aleksandra Djelmash has a pop album behind her, and short that it is (about 20 minutes in total) it is truly a beautiful piece of work, but more importantly, original and unique.


Aleksandra’s voice goes up like an angel and down like a wounded ox, whenever necessary, incorporating a multitude of techniques with style and taste. Her music career has just begun and I have no doubt in my mind that she will become a big thing in Serbia, at least when it comes to niche music.


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