Ivan Belosevac – A Musician of Many Talents

Everyone who knows Ivan personally knows that his musical preferences aren’t aligned alongside a single genre.

As a listener, he tends to jump around from genre to genre, sifting through them and soaking in that which might become his contribution to the music scene here in Serbia. Being truly open to a broad variety of musical influences is an essential aspect of any person’s musicianship, but Ivan’s ace up the sleeve is really his amazing voice – truly unique, versatile and filled with pleasant grit, just as much as with tender melody. Oh, and he is a groovelord as a bass player, too!


Vocal origins

You don’t need to be an expert to feel the talent oozing out of Ivan. However, to truly comprehend the shape and qualities of Ivan’s voice, we need to delve into his history, just a bit. As the single greatest influence on his musicianship, Ivan cites his father, who was a musician himself, enjoying the likes of rock, disco-funk, jazz, soul, etc.

It is obvious that these genres have left so much influence on his voice. The voice that does have its unique angelic qualities, but also isn’t afraid to dip its toes into the hoarse waters of true vocal grit. I personally got a chance to witness his private studio performance of Massive Attack’s “Angel”, and I seem to recall my jaw dropping. If I had to put it into words, I’d say “a soulful jazz singer, a gritty metal vocalist and a prince of funk, all in a single person”.


Bass as foundation

I think that there’s something special about the musicians who started off as bass players and then moved on to something else (no disrespect to bassists). There’s something about the bass guitar that helps you lay out the perfect foundation for future creative endeavors, proverbially, as well as literally. Because bass is the foundation. It’s simply what it’s for.

Multitalented Ivan Belosevac has actually gotten into the world of musicianship as a bass player for a rock band called Shuffle. As we know, the bass is essential in any type of modern music: you can make jazz without a guitar, you can compose metal without a trombone and you can funk out without a piano; but neither of these genres can work without bass.

And it is herein that lies Ivan’s true talent – knowing all the ins and outs of his music – there is no better tool for melody than one’s own vocal cords, and there is no better way to construct music than with the bass guitar in your lap, at least when we’re talking about modern musicianship.

Whether you fall in love with Ivan’s music, or it simply doesn’t turn out to be to your preference, there is no denying it – Ivan is a multitalented musician, capable of delivering a dynamic voice that you simply can’t turn a blind eye (or deaf ear?) too. Whether he’s experimenting with funky beats, electronic music, or trap (all of which he isn’t afraid to get into), Ivan Belosevac truly is a musician of many talents.


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