Hayce Lemsi sent a message from prison

For over a month Hayce Lemsi is incarcerated.

Hayce Lemsi is imprisoned since the beginning of May while he was giving a series of concerts. Faced with this setback, the rapper decided to give news to his fans. MCE TV gives you all the details!

Then he planned many showcases and concerts with his brother Volts Face during the month of May, it seems that his sudden incarceration bypasses all his plans. Indeed, at the beginning of May, the rapper unveiled a picture of him handcuffed in a police station, without providing any explanation.

Yet various media gave an explanation for his imprisonment. This is Le Parisien that started the rumor. She said the rapper was arrested by police following an incident at a TGV between Paris and Bordeaux on Friday afternoon. The rapper would not have had the ticket and his friends would have taken to the controller. Hayce Lemsi was subsequently jailed for old unexecuted convictions.

During the month of May, several Facebook publications were posted on the account Hayce Lemsi. These indicate that the rapper will soon give news to his fans. Today, a voice message is available for listening. We recognize the voice of the rapper who said:

"Wesh my zouzous, it's going or what the family? This is Hayce Lemsi live from chtar, live from HEBS, worry all is well for me El Hamdouli'Allah I want " !


Finally, Volt comes face to restore the truth . Via a Snapchat video, he explains:

"So the story is simple. Hayce he had difficulty in making for some time and destiny did that, that he was caught . So unfortunately it got caught and he got incarcerated, so here goes. Now, I'm his brother and blood. So my family and my team, we did everything to get it as quickly Inshallah " .


/ Popnable Media