How To Listen To Music Via Dropbox?

Dropbox gained much popularity among users as a giant of cloud storage after google drive.

It is continuously on a run to betterment day by day by adding services to its accomplishments to satisfy the client.


Recently it has added music feature into its services which can be a stream online as well as offline. This feature has enabled the millions of listener to enjoy music in one go and it is quite easy to listen to music through Dropbox. All you have to do is set up an account on Dropbox, install it on your PC/mobile, share your music folder with Dropbox, it will automatically backup all your content and you are good to go.      


Copying Music Files To Dropbox

Copying music files to Dropbox is as easy as copying files to any other folder, So make yourself comfortable with the reality that Dropbox is nothing like a complex engine which needs a lot of research and experience to handle. Dropbox is designed to facilitate end user with utmost facilities it can provide, as described earlier Dropbox is like any other folder. Copying your music files to Dropbox gives you the freedom to use your personal storage as you want, you can move all your music folders to Dropbox.  Now how to develop and run the Dropbox folder is explained here in simple words:


  • The first step is to download the Dropbox (iOS/Android) app into your PC or mobile which is just one click away.

  • Next step is to register yourself on Dropbox, it will take your few precious minutes.

  • After, the above two steps it will create a Dropbox folder on your computer, remember one thing that this folder is exactly the same as other folders of your computer

  • Now just copy your desired music file or folder into Dropbox folder.

  • For better understanding, Dropbox added the color facility to the folder, which means you are able to know that your music files are synchronized or not. Blue, red and green sticker underside folder are actually indicators of synchronization. Blue sign indicate Dropbox is synchronizing your files, red sign indicates your files have not been back up due to some error and green sign shows that your music files have been successfully synchronized.

  • If you have copied your music files to Dropbox folder it will automatically synchronize, music files are now being stored on cloud storage, it will be there whether you have original file or not.

  • You can acquire your music files from multiple computers or mobiles with the same account.

  • Your music files are accessible to you 24/7 whether you are online or offline.

  • You are only allowed to make changes if you are connected to the internet and log in to account, while you can enjoy your music offline as well if downloaded.

How To Stream Music From DropBox On PC?

There are multiple web-based sites which support Dropbox music as the extension to it, these are regular HTML sites which run on the ordinary browser. Astiga, StreamBoxer, and Rockbot are some of the websites which serve as third-party and provide you music at Dropbox. All you have to do is connect your Dropbox account with these sites, so you can enjoy music without downloading it. Here is explained how to download or stream music on dropbox.

  • Visit and sign up for any above mention site.

  • Select “Dropbox” from “My Apps”

  • Fill the form “App console table” with any name you want.

  • Provide Access from Dropbox to that specific site, to do follow these steps

    • Go to Dropbox and login

    • Go to developer option

    • Click create your app from developer

    • Now you can add any specific site to your app

    • Than tap create app button at the bottom

  • Come back to the online playlist tab, a select folder which needs to be listed

  • Your media will automatically be listed against Dropbox, you can play music from the selective site, which Dropbox automatically will be catch up and add into your list.


Stream Music From Dropbox On Android/iOS

Dropbox allows you to stream your music directly from third-party application, it is as easy as playing music from your music player. But playing music this way allows you to access and play a hundred thousands of song of your choice. The different tutorial is available on the internet but we are explaining it here solely to guide our readers. First, you need to install cloud music compatible application like; Eddy Cloud Music, Evermusic, Cloud Music Player, Cloud Player, Cloud Beats, Cloud Indeed, etc. all are music playing applications which support Dropbox music streaming. All you need is to download these applications then register yourself and link Dropbox to these apps leave rest to them for synchronization, when the process is complete than enjoy your music.


Are you short on space to put your music on Dropbox and play it? Don’t worry. Dropbox provides free space of up to 18GB for a lifetime by referring to 32 Users. You can read more about this referral hack to get more space for your music completely free.


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