ARCA: Venezuela's Top Notch Producer is Setting the Music Scene on Fire with His Beats

Born on October 4, 1989, in Caracas, Venezuela, his real name is Alejandro Ghersi...

Born on October 4, 1989, in Caracas, Venezuela, his real name is Alejandro Ghersi, is a multifaceted artist like no other, he is a songwriter, composer, singer, mixing engineer, record producer, DJ, performance artist, and even an audiovisual director. In recent years he has made his way from the Venezuelan music scene to the world music scene, has collaborated with the most commercial and acclaimed musical minds of the moment, and nothing stops him.


He has forged a reputation for the avant-garde, every singer willing to experiment doesn't need to think it twice and immediately contacts him to start a collaboration or just to work together, so it was with Kanye West on his album Yeezus, and with Björk with whom he has found a kindred spirit attuned to the most extraordinary sonic experimentations and has become a frequent producer in the singer’s most recent studio albums.


His musical career began in his teenage years when he nicknamed himself Nuuro, he enjoyed modest success on the Venezuelan independent music scene, sampling his musical idols such as Nine Inch Nails and DJ Aphex Twin. After going through a university and having found and accepted himself and deciding to settle in the UK, ARCA became his new moniker and this opened the way for him to become known to a wider audience, enjoying popularity by uploading his songs on streaming sites, he managed to consolidate himself as a rising figure for his listeners who soon became fans.


ARCA has everyone dancing in awe with his beats, completely setting the music stage on fire, but it's a good idea to delve deeper into what defines this unique musical artist, the method behind the madness if you will. Many fans and even some critics have said that ARCA's music is difficult to categorize, he is a unique artist, there's no doubt about that as is his music, but that his songs are undoubtedly an acquired taste in the opinion of many listeners.


His songs present have vocalization and instrumentals that could be defined as expressive in the first and chaotic in the second. At the first hearing of a song, it may seem to some that the song has distorted Dark Wave influences that can be both shocking and unnerving.


ARCA’s music videos for some of his songs are simply chilling and terrifying, (something he also has in common with his idol DJ Aphex Twin, doesn't anyone remember the music video of his hit song "Come To Daddy"? That music video alone gave to a lot of kids who watched MTV for their favorite Beavis and Butt-Head episodes horrifying nightmares) the basic idea that ARCA seems to communicate with such a treatment of his songs music videos is that there is beauty lurking closely behind the hideous and ugly looking.


He has released the same number of releases in studio albums, mixtapes and extended plays to date, three in each. Each has made it clear that ARCA is always with one foot in the past and another in the future. What does this mean? Well, ARCA, no matter how much a musical visionary he may be, doesn’t deny his roots.


Sometimes he has allowed himself the most obvious homage to the musical idols of his country of origin Venezuela, as he did in the song Reverie, which was clearly influenced by the Venezuelan singer-songwriter of folk music Simón Díaz.



What's next? What does the future hold for this extraordinary artist in constant musical evolution? This question will be answered through a comment that some of his (most likely) biggest fans made widely known in the comment toolbar of one of his music videos on YouTube: "ARCA is the future." 


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