Excalibur: Heavy Metal With Venezuelan flavor

Excalibur appeared on stage in 1985, it was formed in Caracas, Venezuela were friends and acquaintances who lived near each other, between the areas of La Hoyada and La Candelaria.

Excalibur appeared on stage in 1985, it was formed in Caracas, Venezuela were friends and acquaintances who lived near each other, between the areas of La Hoyada and La Candelaria. The group was founded by guitarist Darío Sosa. He had managed to get his first guitar, and after getting excited he wanted to make with his friends a Heavy Metal group to prepare and play with their idols of the genre.


Darío's emotion was such that his friends agreed to join the group even though they were not as skilled as their friend Darío in playing their respective instruments. The rehearsals were chaotic at first, and they identified themselves as "Black Metal" initially, although the name did not stick for too long and did not enjoy popularity either for their listeners or for the group itself.


The rehearsals, although cheerful, ended up being a source of frustration for the groups' members, although with time the energy and motivation managed to pay off, they began to play their instruments well, hence they decided to call themselves definitively as "Excalibur" and a legend of Venezuelan Heavy Metal was born.


There were changes and some controversies that caused some members to be expelled from the group and made them supplant. The formation ended up being the following:


  1. Adriano Espinosa. (vocals)

  2. Darío Sosa. (guitar)

  3. Carlos Pérez. (guitar)

  4. Horacio Sosa. (bass)

  5. Rodrigo Pereíra. (drums)


They were not an immediate success, they were known primarily in the underground music scene, they appeared in music festivals in which they gained a greater number of followers who sang all their songs.


As with any band, things became tense, again they were forced to replace some members, this brought as a result by those who remained from the original lineup, that they needed to work more on the sound, and even more on the lyrics of the songs of the band.


At the end of the decade, things were not going well for the genre, it was relegated out of the radio stations of the country, and bands like Excalibur were deeply affected. They split up in 1991, and the possibilities of a reunion and a new album fade with each passing year.



Excalibur won multiple awards and won first places in music festivals, but their legacy will live, and what to remember is that they were a group of friends who just wanted to have fun together, and creating the best music they could do, at the end of the day that is what matters, and it should be a teaching for those young people who dream of entering the world of music.


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