How Has Colombia Become The Largest Music Exporter in Latin America?

Colombia in recent years has become an authentic reference for the music scene in Latin America, so much so that it could even be said and easily proved that many of its singers have made the big leap to worldwide stardom.

Why is that? The reasons for it will be fully explained in this article.


Currently, Colombia enjoys a booming economy, at the hands of its president Ivan Duque, to give you an idea of the extent to which the music industry is at its highest point, it has been revealed that in December 2017, there were working in the music sector 1,765 companies.


Specifically, 980 are in charge of all activities related to live music shows, 304 to sound recording and music editing, 240 to its creation and planning, 183 to the activities of programming and transmission in the sound radio fusion service, 38 are dedicated to the manufacture of the most diverse and eclectic musical instruments, and finally 20 are dedicated to the creation of copies from original musical recordings.


The Colombian music industry is an important source of employment for many people and multiple international labels already have offices in Colombia. One would think that the Colombian music industry would be confined exclusively in the musical genres of the country, but that could not be farther from the truth, the Colombian music industry has opened the doors to multiple international artists of the most varied musical genres.


The government and the music industry have been working hard and are confident in the enormous possibilities of expansion, not only in Colombian Folk music, but also Urban, Pop, Metal, Rock music, the same goes for other music genres as well.


The income generated by the music industry in Colombia is roughly estimated to be at $836 billion. As a result, in the following years, there will undoubtedly be an even greater convergence of the Colombian music scene with the rest of the world.


There are different types of events in development that are going to be held every year where they will plan, develop and implement tools and sources of support to work around the negotiations for the perfect development of the music industry in all its branches.


Something to consider by which the Colombian musical scene is traveling around the world has to do with the wide reach that many of the Colombian musical singers of the moment are receiving by means of tours or by the coverage that the media gives them.


Many renowned artists in Colombia are now known throughout the world, ranging from the classics like Juanes, Shakira, Carlos Vives, fellow music groups Bacilos and Aterciopelados among others and more recent such as Maluma, J Balvin, Farruko, among others.


The next generation of singers is just around the corner and who knows what new revitalization of the Colombian music scene is going to come at us and how much it will influence or shape the international music scene. But something is for sure none of us will be prepared for it.



Let's not forget also that not everything seems to be ok, it truly seems that the music industry is on the rise, but there is hardly any support for this activity in the first place from the general population. The situation of the Colombian music industry if it does not change soon it can end badly, and there has to be more support from the population in Colombia, not just the government, there is the reason because many singers have decided to go out and try their luck abroad due to the sometimes lukewarm receptivity in their own country. 


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