Meet The New MC’s of The Venezuelan Rap Music Scene

Rap has been around for more than forty years, but it was not until the early nineties that one began to glimpse and above all hear Rap in Venezuela...

Rap has been around for more than forty years, but it was not until the early nineties that one began to glimpse and above all hear Rap in Venezuela, with groups and MC's that began to transform a initially vilified musical genre that was relegated to a very small niche of listeners to have a notorious boom and a very wide commercial appeal, which to this day continues to achieve even more success and notoriety thanks in part to a new generation of MC's that are making Venezuelan Rap as one of the most prominent ones in Latin America.



He is so far an indisputable king of the genre, more than notorious in the country. He became known in 2011 by a free-style of which he was part and has not stopped since then. He has appeared on many stages in the country as well as others internationally, such as in Mexico, where he has a more than notorious fame that equals that of his country of origin.


He has a unique style, but in line with an MC, as Eminem is, both share the same wicked and sometimes sick sense of humor. His rhymes make those who listen to him laugh uproariously. Akapellah in his songs also shows the influences of East Coast Rap as well as the musical genre R&B.




She is the maximum female representative of Rap not only in Venezuela but also of all Latin America, she is a constant presence of multiple international music festivals, and is an active figure in social media where she astonishes all of her ever-growing legion of fans, with her rhymes and her flow that is in fact in constant growth.



Born under the name of Ramses Meneses and is opening the way to become one of the top figures of Latin Rap, is absolutely versatile rapper, his songs have influences ranging from Soul, Funk, R & B, Reggae, and even New Age, he does not stop at anything, he has a flow that does not allow for errors, he is an authentic rhythm symbiote.

Always reflective, critical, romantic, topical and even satirical, McKlopedia always gives everything in his songs, after being known in Venezuela in the field of free-style has started to work of conquering the Hispanic music market and has even managed to resonate in Europe.


Lil Supa

His name is Marlon Morales, he has been the subject of excellent music reviews by critics for his musical performances, in Venezuela he is a constant presence in music festivals and he has been able to appear in other music festivals as well in some points of convergence of Rap in Latin America.


He has some beats and lyrics that have left all his listeners with open mouths in awe. His songs are considered by fans and critics alike as influential, constructive and above all spiritual.



Here's another woman who knows how to throw rhymes as it should be done, with a lot of flow, and also with so much attitude. She started rapping when she was only a teenager and has slipped in as one of the future promises of the Latin rap movement.



His real name is German Romero, a promise that is far from being new, (even though he really is) because he keeps his influences under his sleeve, the modern and the classic converge in a harmonious and unique way. He resonates a lot in the country, but hopefully, it's only a matter of time before his rhymes and flow are heard internationally.



She has managed to stand out in a genre that is increasingly demanding on her singers in terms of prowess in rhymes, flows, and beats. She began to throw her first flows at the age of eleven (to the amazement of her parents and the delight of her friends). She prides herself on the speed and rhythm that she triggers.


Her songs are influenced by her favorite musical genres other than Rap, such as Dance-hall, Reggae, Funk and R&B.



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