Neutro Shorty: Trap’s Latest Venezuelan Export

The Trap is a genre of Latin music in itself controversial, is the object of mockery and derision for many, but high there, there is no denying that the Trap...

The Trap is a genre of Latin music in itself controversial, is the object of mockery and derision for many, but high there, there is no denying that the Trap exudes above all things pure attitude and with Neutro Shorty a young Venezuelan promise of the Trap scene his attitude far surpasses the levels of competition not only in Venezuela, perhaps in the rest of Latin America.


What differentiates Neutro Shorty from other Trap singers? And is it worth listening to? That's what you're going to discover next through this article, the decision at the end is up to you, my dear reader.


Born in 1993, his real name is Liomar Acosta, he lived his early life in the slums and these were extremely dangerous. He has a very particular vocal style, although also unique on the stage Trap, his voice is sharp, (something surprisingly uncommon to the liking of his fans and has become his signature musical identity) and his lyric is direct and sharp, where anecdotes and stories are interspersed where weapons abound, drugs, police, sex, and especially death.


He is very critical also when he manages to detail without keeping anything from the situation of the most helpless who live in the slums, where the shortages are their only reality, and they don't have anything at all to cope with their situation, albeit by using drugs and turning to a life of crime, the rhymes that he launches with his flow although suggestive and attractive do not makeup and embellish a reality as monstrous as that.


That has brought him recognition by taking part in freestyles where he has excelled above others. After releasing a mixtape, he surprised everyone with his debut album titled "19 puntos", (19 points) which came out in 2013 and was quickly a success, far away was the underground scene and with it came quite the commercial appeal.


After that, I would continue to release more albums of study, just as successful. Something that attracts his fans who are not only people of the lower class but also people of the middle and upper class is that his songs also speak of overcoming, anyone who didn't know better would say that "Sacrilege! Speaking of overcoming in a Trap song?"



Those who say the above may do so consciously or unconsciously, but that proves something else is that it distinguishes Neutro Shorty from other Trap singers and it is the desire to encourage his listeners to live a better life and not to get stuck. He's overcome a lot to get to where he is now and doesn't want to be the only one.


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