The Top Ten Best Venezuelan Songs That Have Resonated The Most Worldwide

Venezuela is a unique country, where its music manages to transmit a harmony and an attractive melody that can leave the listener captivated practically instantly.

Many have described many Venezuelan songs as capable of making you cry, laugh, and even ecstatic (as incredible as it may seem). Next, the most outstanding Venezuelan songs that have resonated the most all over the world will be explored.


Mis Ilusiones” - (SanLuis, Feat. Voz Veis and Apache)

It is an authentic musical treat filled with so much love and care, SanLuis an extremely talented singer of an extremely charming voice actually proposed to sing a song that could display the greatness of a country that is not going through its best moment with musical group Voz Veis and rapper Apache.


It is a beautiful song that has made more than one cry, Venezuelan or not.


Allá Viene un Corazón” - (Soledad Bravo)

A beautiful and incomparable song of which perhaps is the most recognized singer at an international level. In her more than forty years of artistic career, Soledad Bravo has released more than thirty studio albums. But this song is one of her most recognized songs. The reference to Venezuela is more than obvious but expressed with a determination and emotion that will leave the listener speechless.


Yo Me Quedo en Venezuela” - (Adrenalina Caribe)

A song composed thirty years ago, but for those Venezuelans who still reside in the country acquires a new meaning due to the crisis in which it is immersed in the country. In the lyrics of the song, there are always references to paradisiacal places present in Venezuela, the song itself is a beautiful tribute, and has been recognized internationally as a very beautiful song and has prompted more than one to listen to it more than once and others to book a flight to go to Venezuela.


El Alma Llanera” - (Simón Díaz)

In itself, a classic and of course the iconical voice of one of the most famous singers of Venezuela has served to give it the notoriety and recognition it deserves. It had been composed by Pedro Elias Gutierrez in 1914, and due to its lyrics is considered the second national anthem of Venezuela by popular petition.


Carta Necesaria” - (Servando y Florentino)

From the voices of the duet of singers more known and famous of Venezuela comes a song that when it came out was in a critical moment in the Venezuelan era, and is a song of political theme, too this to say that as complex as the lyrics have a simplicity in its arrangement and manages to manifest a sonic harmony that leaves the listener immersed in a trance.


At the end, when one finishes listening, one cannot help but feel a little sadness, and if possible, the listener will end up reflecting on what was sung in the song. The song lyrics imply that it is a letter that speaks of a conversation addressed to Simon Bolivar, an independence hero who liberated Latin America.


Moliendo Café” - (Hugo Blanco)

Who doesn't like coffee? A lot of people really do, then? Don't waste time and listen to such a beautiful song. It was written by Hugo Blanco after being inspired one day as he walked and reflected on the beautiful landscape he witnessed. The scent of a warm coffee impregnated the air and that did not pass unnoticed.


He composed it in 1958, and it was an immediate success, not only in Venezuela but also in the rest of the world, believe that this song has an enormous amount of cover throughout the world, (there is even a Japanese cover!) was the number one song in a ranking of top songs in Indonesia and has become part of the soundtrack of k-dramas.


Venezuela” - (Luis Silva)

Do you remember that at some point in the article there was such a popular song that it is considered by the Venezuelan people as a second national anthem? Well, this song is also considered another candidate for that same spot.


It is one of the most outstanding songs of Venezuelan folklore, was written by Pablo Herrero and José Luis Armentero, Luis Silva one of the best-known singers of the Venezuelan music scene sings with so much raw emotion a song that is capable of tearing the heart out of its listener, especially if the listener is Venezuelan.


The lyrics of the song speak of the unshakable love that a Venezuelan feels for the land where he was born, so much so that he will die in it.


Rosa Gentil” - (Cecilia Todd)

The popular Venezuelan singer Cecilia Todd made it her own a truly iconic song, the lyrics are sweet, cheerful and full of feeling, with a melody tuned to the lyrics in a harmonic way.


De Qué Tamaño es Tu Amor” - (Reynaldo Armas)

Another outstanding figure of the Venezuelan musical scene, the folk singer Reynaldo Armas sings with feeling a song that no matter how many covers have been made, none will surpass the original version.


Volverás” - (Juan Vicente Torrealba)


A legend of Venezuelan folk music scene, and this great song that has delighted Venezuelans and international listeners alike with an extremely emotional tune and lyrics.


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