The Women Who Help Shaped Venezuelan Jazz

Jazz has a long history, but in Venezuela, it has had an already complicated history and full of highs and lows...

Jazz has a long history, but in Venezuela, it has had an already complicated history, and full of highs and lows, it was always until recent times being considered an exclusive musical genre for men, but it has not been until recently that there have been women singers who have taken the step to sing Jazz and with Venezuelan flavor, serving as ambassadors in that branch for the world.


In this article, we will delve into the Venezuelan singers who currently keep the flame of Venezuelan Jazz alive and keep it alive for generations to come.


Biella Da Acosta

She has been linked to the genre since she began her musical career, she is not widely known by a larger audience, but she enjoys a relatively modest commercial success, which does not detract from the fact that her musical performances are considered one of the most outstanding. Biella Da Acosta has appeared in countries such as Argentina, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and even in the United States.


She has 30 years of artistic career and has also opted for other genres such as Rock, Blues, and Soul but always in her heart, there will be a room for Jazz, and as long as she remains fully active, there will be an audience that will continue listening to her.


María Rivas

María Rivas is one of the most famous Venezuelan singers, she was for many composers a muse and an authentic source of inspiration. She has launched approximately ten albums and has had crowded concerts in several countries.


He has been one of the most prominent figures of Latin Jazz and has been an important figure for Venezuelan Jazz in international music festivals. Many listeners have considered her particular style of Jazz as unique, where Afro-Caribbean rhythms predominate.


Mariana Rísquez

She currently resides in the United States of America, specifically in Michigan, but continues to consider herself one hundred percent Venezuelan, but if there is one thing she is sure of, it is that Latin Lazz is at its best and has been praised by the Hispanic press in North America for her talented, and charismatic voice in singing the most diverse themes of a genre harmoniously, melodically complex, and providing this a new feminine face with which listeners can delight and admire.


Mariana has sometimes stated how close she feels to Jazz, as any musician of the genre will know, is about melodic improvisation, and Mariana with no other musical genre has felt the degree of liberation she feels when she sings a Jazz song on stage.


Falon Koch


She is member and vocalist of the musical group Ensamble Quatretto, she is also a violinist in this group, she has been present with her group in music festivals around the world where she has impressed listeners, and critics alike with predominantly Venezuelan jazz with a wide range of influences of other musical genres.


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