Zapato 3: Venezuela’s Answer to Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock was a growing musical genre and in Latin America, it had an enormous expansion and Venezuela was one of the pioneering countries of the musical genre in the continent.

To the surprise of many, one band would be forging the musical stage by which multiple bands would take as their main source of inspiration.


Zapato 3 was a Venezuelan Rock band that was founded in the early eighties in Caracas, the capital city of the country, who founded it was Pedro Romero and Javier Avellaneda, both guitarists decided to invite Fernando Batoni who played the bass to be part of the group along with Ernesto Rodríguez on drums (he would be supplanted shortly thereafter by José Felix Avellaneda).


In the beginning, the group was clearly influenced by the British Punk of The Sex Pistols and the Post Punk of The Fall. With the arrival of another guitarist in the late eighties, Álvaro Segura the group decided to go more in line with Alternative Rock that began to be heard in the main North American radio stations with groups like R.E.M., New Order, Sonic Youth among others.


Before the end of the eighties, there were members of the band who decided not to continue, remained in the group only Avellaneda, Segura and Batoni. Everything seemed quiet, but soon after Segura decided to withdraw from the band to be supplanted by Segura.


After suffering many blows, the band focuses fully on Hard Rock, surprisingly the band would have many reunions of previous members and new ones over the years, but what remained constant in the band was the need for a well-calculated sonic experimentation on the basis of the musical movements that prevailed then in the American music scene.


In the mid-eighties as any music group that is looking for stardom, they were doing everything to open a path not only in the Venezuelan music industry but also to go beyond, the international consecration, and really achieved it, and by the end of the eighties, Zapato 3 were more than recognized in Venezuela and were among the first Venezuelan Rock groups to obtain international recognition.


They opened the way for other groups to do the same, before and after there has not been another Venezuelan musical group that was able to transmit through their music a clear musical identity for Venezuela as far as Rock is concerned, they followed the guidelines of their American contemporaries of the genre, but they were beyond that, they did it for themselves.


Zapato 3 has always been first and foremost avant-garde, always composing songs of high emotional charge, the sonic experimentation of which their songs managed to boast was strange and were ahead of their time.


Zapato 3 dominated the Venezuelan Rock music scene for 20 years. The group separated in 2004, to the detriment of many fans. although in 2012 they reunited once more with a for one last tour and a last great album that took them on a grand tour throughout Venezuela and was a complete success.


The Venezuelan music scene was saturated and full to the brim partly due to the initiative of groups such as Zapato 3, their songs had an extremely cryptic lyrics, which did not seek to sound highly intelligent, the production although similar to those of other Alternative Rock groups gave more importance to a clear and more polished sound.


With each new member that joined them, they expanded their catalog of influences even further, moving them further away from Alternative Rock and helping them to carve out their own identity within the confines of the Rock genre. That's why their fans were always surprised to hear a new song from them.


Zapato 3 has left a unique legacy that will last a long time, it is a legacy that teaches all those young people who dream of being musicians that the only thing that matters when it comes to making music, is simply making the music you like, without fear, any idea that comes to one's mind can provide an authentic musical creation.


Zapato 3 always had a lot of courage, never stopped to think what was what they thought of them and their songs other people. Always learning and constantly evolving as it should be, Alternative Rock has always communicated that its essence is that it is not important to follow the pre-established musical guidelines but that new musical guidelines should be created.


Zapato 3 ended up changing the Venezuelan music scene forever and managed to break into the highly difficult international music scene, so what are you waiting for to start your own band and start playing rock?



Break all the rules and forge your own guidelines and you will create a true musical revolution, one for which you may create your own musical genre and be remembered for generations to come. 


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