Today most popular hit songs are sung in English and can be found in every country, making local sin...

Sunday, 24/03/2019 263

The 2019 Eurovision edition is fast approaching and is already full of controversy and surprises. We...

Saturday, 23/03/2019 146

A few years back, the big players in the hip hop world feared a day might come when the entire rap g...

Friday, 22/03/2019 96

There have been so many changes in the type of sound that is being produced by Nigeria over the year...

Thursday, 21/03/2019 107

After enjoying lots of chart success, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, and Rite Ora have all made it up th...

Wednesday, 20/03/2019 102

Music has always been an important part of Indian life, not only from social but also from religious...

Tuesday, 19/03/2019 54

1996. In the United Kingdom, it is a year of great social, economic and political change, especially...

Monday, 18/03/2019 79

South Africa is a country that is rich in diversity with many ethnicities and religions cohabitating...

Sunday, 17/03/2019 91

One of the most successful boy bands of this generation have returned, against all odds, the band ju...

Saturday, 16/03/2019 61

It is the beginning of March and the Eurovision Song Contest is fast approaching!

Thursday, 14/03/2019 107

After the critical success of Solange’s third studio album, A Seat at The Table –selected as the bes...

Wednesday, 13/03/2019 114

He is a recognized pop rock singer; she is a child idol who turned into an international actress. To...

Tuesday, 12/03/2019 100

Qawwali is a form of Sufi Islamic music which originated from South Asia and is now popular more in...

Monday, 11/03/2019 54

The Music industry has been rated among Nigeria's largest export to the World after the oil and gas...

Sunday, 10/03/2019 74

Saad Lamjarred, the world's most controversial performer, has two charges of rape.

Saturday, 03/11/2018 199

Eurovision Song Contest may be one of the cultural highlights of the year, but it does not come chea...

Monday, 05/03/2018 1166

Hundreds of thousands of songs struggle to reach the largest possible audience. Many are worth liste...

Monday, 05/03/2018 376

The latin sensation "Despacito" reached most over 2.6 billion views for a half year

Wednesday, 19/07/2017 553

At July 4, 2015 has started international platform for music charts - Popnable.

Wednesday, 05/07/2017 678

Maybe you do not know that before Conchita Wurst there were bearded ladies.

Thursday, 22/06/2017 868

Pop star Katy Perry has entered the history of Twitter.

Sunday, 18/06/2017 538

He is the big winner of the BG Radio Awards

Sunday, 18/06/2017 734

Krisko has reached a record-breaking in the chart of Bulgaria.

Friday, 16/06/2017 612

For over a month Hayce Lemsi is incarcerated.

Tuesday, 13/06/2017 639

"Esli Ty Menia Ne Liubish" by Egor Krid & Molly led Russia Top 40 Music Chart

Tuesday, 13/06/2017 1274

While we expect to return with a new album soon, Booba has unveiled a picture where we discover his...

Monday, 12/06/2017 731

In the season 3 premiere, Jonas’ character is reveal up to his gay love interest.

Sunday, 11/06/2017 663

At stage, the rapper XXXtentacion was violently assaulted by a member of a rival gang!

Sunday, 11/06/2017 1304

Katy Perry talked about Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and others.

Sunday, 11/06/2017 562

British star Ed Sheeran has won the UK Top 40 for the 18th time with "Shape of You".

Friday, 09/06/2017 675

Bulgaria Top 40 is absolutely surprising this week.

Thursday, 08/06/2017 490

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