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Switzerland is a [country] trend.
Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. Its cities contain medieval quarters, with landmarks like capital Bern’s Zytglogge clock tower and Lucerne’s wooden chapel bridge. The country is also known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Banking and finance are key industries, and Swiss watches and chocolate are world renowned.
Switzerland Top 40 Music Charts has started at December 14, 2015 (Mon). All weekly chart releases have aired on Monday. Popnable serves top music charts from Switzerland on a daily ( Top 100 Songs), weekly (Top 40 Songs), monthly (Top 200 Songs) and yearly basis (Top 500 Songs). Since 2019, Popnable provides new charts from Switzerland - Top 10 Annoying Songs and Top 20 Likeable Songs. Switzerland has 1281 videos (+10 brand new) , 239 artists .

Top 100 Songs Today - Most Popular On Daily Basis

by Raf Camora
by Raf Camora
Wenn Du Mich Siehst
by Raf Camora, Juju
Andere Liga
by Raf Camora
Alles Probiert
by Raf Camora, Bonez Mc
by Raf Camora

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