Wedding Bands - The Best Form Of Wedding Entertainment

It's that one special day in your life when you want everything to be perfect.

It's that one special day in your life when you want everything to be perfect. Whether you are a bride to be who is trying to organize everything the DIY way or taking the help of a wedding planner, the one thing that makes or breaks that special day is the wedding music and wedding entertainment.

Hiring out a venue and a catering company comes down to the location and good food reviews while the flowers and the décors are based on whatever color theme the bride decides upon. However, getting the right entertainment is crucial, as you want to make sure everyone has a good time. Wedding bands have been part of the wedding tradition since time immemorial and till date, it has proven to be the most effective and successful entertainment for generations.


First of all, wedding bands are live and provide a lively and classy ambiance to any kind of setting. They provide you with the flexibility of playing out any song request on the spot, which works out for all age groups. You don't have to stress about the kind of music you have to choose in the case of audio music or wait for a DJ to shuffle through his collection every time there is a song request.


There are many wedding bands available so make sure you book one that is versatile and capable of playing any genre that caters to both young and old. Do a little bit of research on this one and book the band in advance to avoid disappointment. At the end of the day, you don't want to end up hiring a band that doesn't suit your requirements.


Music plays an important part on a wedding day as it sets the tone, atmosphere and gets all the guests into a good mood. Wedding music personalizes your big day and guests including yourself associate these songs with the big day long after it is over. There are so many songs and hymnals to consider to be used throughout the whole wedding ceremony so here is a little checklist to help the bride to be:

· Prelude Song- Played prior to the ceremony

· Processional song- Played during the procession of the bridesmaids and flower girls

· Bride entrance song- Played for the bride's procession down the aisle

· Interlude song- Played during the signing of marriage certificate

· Recessional song- Played as the newly married couple and guests leaves the ceremony

· Song for the first dance as Mr and Mrs

· Songs for the evening party (open to request)


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