The second edition of the popular music song contest Worldvision 2021 starts on January 29. 

The first edition of the online competition Worldvision proved to be one of the most successful projects on Popnable.


More than 50,000 people voted in the final phase when the Philippines won. The great interest in the competition allowed us to organize a second contest only a month after the end of the last one.


From January 29 to February 19, the submission of proposals for competition songs will continue. During this period, users will be able to vote for the songs they would like to represent their country.


In the new edition of the competition, dozens of countries from all over the world will compete again.


The songs will be selected according to the approved system - through suggestions from users of the site. Each visitor can offer an unlimited number of songs from each country.

Restriction - date of issue

Only songs released in the calendar year 2020 will be able to take part in the second edition. We remind you that in the previous edition of the competition there was no limit.

Division into groups

The familiar formula for dividing the competition songs into groups remains unchanged. For no more than 12 weeks, each song will fall into pre-announced bands.

Fewer rounds

We took into account the feedback from the fans of the competition and decided to reduce the total number of rounds. Thus, we expect 10 or 11 rounds in this year's edition. For comparison, in the first contest, there were a total of 13 rounds. Reducing the rounds will increase the songs in each group.


Which songs will represent each country, follow the page of the competition?

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