Reik, Rocco Hunt And Ana Mena Are "One Step From The Moon"

Rocco Hunt and Ana Mena present the new version of the single with the special collaboration of the Mexican group Reik.

European artists join with the Mexican band to present their new version in American territories and in this way conquer a larger audience.


Rocco Hunt and Ana Mena with the special collaboration of the Mexican group Reik present the new version of “A un paso de la luna remix”. This union is a way of getting their music from Europe to Central and South America.


About this Rocco said: “At this difficult time for music and for show business in general, and after the great success of“ A un paso de la luna ”in Spain, I am happy that our song also reaches Mexico. I am honored to be able to collaborate, together with Ana Mena, with a group like Reik that has so many followers in her country. I look forward to the situation improving so that I can go to Mexico and experience that beautiful land, not only through music, but also with our experience! "


For her part, Ana Mena, recently confirmed as one of the protagonists of the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, said: “I am happy to bring“ A un paso de la luna ”to Mexico and especially with the collaboration of Reik who they are wonderful. I'm really honored and super happy! I also hope that all this moment passes quickly so that I can visit Mexico and do something live with the boys! "


“A un passo dalla luna” by Rocco Hunt and Ana Mena has won four platinum records in Italy (data from Fimi / GfK Italia), occupying the first position of the Top Singoli Fimi for 9 weeks. Among the other international hits of “A un paso de la luna”, in addition to the first place in the Spanish Airplay ranking, the triple platinum record in Spain (data from Promusicae) and the number one on Popnable, there is also the gold record. in Switzerland (where the song “Ti volevo dedicare” also won gold). The song, in its two versions, has a total of 300 million reproductions.

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