CAMILO's Dictionary: What Do Words Like Love, Tribe, Fame, Hands And Happiness Mean To Him?

Camilo's universe is wide and diverse, but there are several pillars that govern his life: love and honesty. With both, he is able to connect with the Divine and draw enough inspiration to create songs that connect with millions of peo


We try to get to know the artist, through a series of concepts related to him, to his music, to his life. Listening to it is really balsamic. He is at peace with himself, he always expresses himself with the right words, those that invite you to think and reflect.

On regular days like the ones we are having to live as a society, we ask Camilo about Happiness, something that we all have very much in mind. For the singer of Baby, happiness is about the disposition: "I try to be happy every day (...) in the face of life circumstances, I prefer to smile than to see if the smile lies a bit to the problem".

Camilo and his new album, 'Mis Manos'

The Colombian letters have something that is charged with magnetism. His enormous sensitivity for writing is joined by a peculiar way of wrapping the love he feels for the person who is his muse. In addition, he knows how to fit his texts into the melodies in such a way that even those who do not know Camilo end up humming his songs. This can be called magic.

Last March, Camilo published My Hands , an album that confirmed that he is one of the most prominent and relevant composers of the moment. An unmissable collection of 11 songs, of which we already knew the hits Babe, Vida de rico, Ropa cara or Machu Picchu with Evaluna Montaner.


Desconocidos 13 October 2018
La Boca 04 May 2019
Favorito 28 March 2020
La Mitad 18 April 2020
Medialuna 18 April 2020
Si Estoy Contigo 18 April 2020
El Mismo Aire 18 April 2020
La Mitad 21 April 2020
El Mismo Aire 21 April 2020
Tutu 23 April 2020
Tutu Remix 24 April 2020
Desconocidos 24 April 2020
Si Me Dices Que Sí 25 April 2020
El Mismo Aire 02 May 2020
Por Primera Vez 03 May 2020
Favorito 04 May 2020
Medialuna 05 May 2020
Si Me Dices Que Sí (Acoustic) 15 May 2020
Titanic 29 May 2020
El Mismo Aire 12 June 2020
El Mismo Aire 12 June 2020
El Mismo Aire 06 July 2020
Tattoo (Remix) 11 July 2020
Tattoo Remix 11 July 2020
Tattoo Remix 13 July 2020
Tattoo Remix 21 July 2020
La Boca 25 July 2020
La Boca Remix 27 July 2020
Tattoo Remix (Acoustic) 31 July 2020
Titanic 27 August 2020
Despeinada 05 September 2020
Despeinada 12 September 2020
Vida De Rico 22 September 2020
Vida De Rico 23 September 2020
Despeinada 23 September 2020
Medialuna 30 September 2020
Si Me Dices Que Sí 30 September 2020
Vida De Rico 01 October 2020
Por Primera Vez 01 October 2020
Tutu 01 October 2020
El Mismo Aire 01 October 2020
La Mitad 01 October 2020
Favorito 01 October 2020
Avioncito De Papel 15 October 2020
Bebé 26 November 2020
Bebé 27 November 2020
Bebé Acoustic 13 December 2020
Vida De Rico Acoustic 13 December 2020
Amén 24 December 2020
Vida De Rico 15 January 2021
Amén Acoustic 19 February 2021

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