The Concerts Of Emma, ​​Francesco Gabbani And Benji & Fede At The Verona Arena Confirmed

The concerts of Emma, ​​Francesco Gabbani and Benji & Fede at the Verona Arena in 2021 have been confirmed: here are all the details on the scheduled appointments.

There is great news on the live dating front for next summer. Friends & Partners and Vivo Concerti, in agreement with Arena di Verona Srl, have announced the confirmation of the shows of Emma, ​​Francesco Gabbani and Benji and Fede, scheduled for the summer season 2021. Here are all the details on the concerts of these real Big of our music.

Emma concerts at the Verona Arena 2021. All the shows scheduled at the Verona Arena are confirmed. Emma will be on stage in the amphitheater on 6 June, with reruns on 7 and 8 June 2021.Based on the capacity due to the Covid emergency, the divisions of tickets sold will be defined in the coming days, which may be valid for June 6 , but also for 7 and 8. All information will be communicated by Friends and Partners by 2 May.

Brown's announcement follows:

The situation is different for Francesco Gabbani. The concert, initially set for April 26, has been postponed to July 4, with a repeat on the 5. Also in this case the tickets will be divided between the two evenings. Finally, the concert event of Benji & Fede , the last of their career together, initially set for May 3, has been confirmed, but with a date yet to be decided. Here is the video of the hit Where and when :

Tickets for the Emma Marrone concert at the Verona Arena

As for the tickets sold , they will obviously also be valid for new appointments. Any information will be communicated by May 2nd. We remind you that the shows will be organized with the utmost respect for the guidelines and protocols to prevent the spread of the infection from Covid-19. The seats will be numbered and spaced, and the participants in the events must be equipped with an Ffp2 mask.



Occhi Profondi 06 July 2015
La Mia Città (Italy, 2014) 03 March 2016
Il Paradiso Non Esiste 30 April 2016
Libre 13 September 2016
Quando Le Canzoni Finiranno 19 November 2016
L'isola 06 January 2018
Effetto Domino 03 March 2018
Mondiale 06 November 2018
Io Sono Bella 10 September 2019
Stupida Allegria 19 December 2019
Nisam Gengsta 21 December 2019
Luci Blu 10 March 2020
Latina 28 August 2020
Autunno Di Francesco Guccini 30 September 2020
Pezzo Di Cuore 15 January 2021
Pezzo Di Cuore 15 January 2021
Pezzo Di Cuore 18 January 2021
Che Sogno Incredibile 04 June 2021
Million (Acoustic) 05 June 2021
Che Sogno Incredibile 08 June 2021
Mi Parli Piano 25 June 2021
Meravigliosa 25 June 2021
Occhi Profondi 25 June 2021
Calore 25 June 2021
La Mia Città 25 June 2021
In Ogni Angolo Di Me 25 June 2021

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