7 Facts To Get To Know Bruno Mars In Depth: From His Personality To His Songs

We thoroughly investigated the very famous author of 24K Magic. If we mention Peter Gene Hernández, you probably do n't know that we're actually talking about Bruno Mars . 

 An artist of enormous impact worldwide that can boast of having been part of shows as notable as the show halftime of the Super Bowl was in 2016, nothing more and nothing less than alongside Coldplay and Beyoncé .

The artist has thousands of fans around the world thanks to popular songs such as Locked out of heaven, Treasure or 24K Magic . Charismatic and with a unique and unmistakable style, Bruno Mars is a very versatile artist and dance is another of his strengths on stage, not to mention that he knows how to play guitar, drums, piano and ukulele . A cast of fans who are now celebrating their return to music with the help of their new project, the band Silk Sonic .

1. What nationality is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars is American, specifically from Hawaii where he was born on October 8, 1985. He has a most international ancestry, since his father is from Puerto Rico and his mother from the Philippines.

2. What is the personality of Bruno Mars?

If there is one trait that stands out about Bruno Mars, it is that he is a very familiar person and has five brothers. In fact, they all got a tattoo in honor of their mother Bernadette (Bernie) , who passed away in July 2013 from a brain aneurysm.

Those who know him assure that he is a man of the most fun and talkative but, without knowing him, what there is no doubt is that perseverance is another of the key traits in the personality of Bruno Mars . A conclusion that is reached taking into account that he began in the world of music as a child, since, when he was six years old, he appeared in the film Honeymoon in Vegas where he worked with actors of the stature of Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicolas Cage and performed singing Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presley, one of his great musical references. On the other hand, he was a composer for many other artists before succeeding solo, as well as a backup singer for songs like Nothin 'on You by BoB , or Billionaire by Travie McCoy .


7. The 10 most iconic songs by Bruno Mars

Within his three solo studio albums, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Unorthodox Jukebox and 24K Magic , it is very difficult to choose only 10 songs by Bruno Mars but, without a doubt, since LOS40 we have considered these (in chronological order of release) as your essentials:

  1. Just the way you are
  2. Grenade
  3. The lazy song
  4. Marry you
  5. Locked out of heaven
  6. Treasure
  7. When I was your man
  8. 24K Magic
  9. Finesse
  10. Versace on the floor

Bruno Mars

24K Magic 11 October 2016
Versace On The Floor 05 November 2016
Perm 19 November 2016
Chunky 19 November 2016
That's What I Like 19 November 2016
Wait For You 19 February 2017
That’s What I Like 03 March 2017
Young, Wild And Free (Konglomerate Remix) 11 March 2017
That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) 22 April 2017
That’s What I Like (Partynextdoor Remix) 22 April 2017
That's What I Like (Blvk Jvck Remix) 22 April 2017
That's What I Like (Gucci Mane Remix) 22 April 2017
That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) 23 April 2017
That's What I Like (Gucci Mane Remix) 26 April 2017
That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) 02 May 2017
24K Magic (R3Hab Remix) 26 May 2017
Versace On The Floor 27 June 2017
Versace On The Floor 15 August 2017
Finesse (Remix) 05 January 2018
Best Of #Finessefridays 24 March 2018
Finesse (James Hype Remix) 24 March 2018
Finesse (Pink Panda Remix) 24 March 2018
Finesse (Tomygone & Christian Kuria Remix) 04 July 2018
Wake Up In The Sky 15 September 2018
Wake Up In The Sky 15 September 2018
Wake Up In The Sky 16 September 2018
Wake Up In The Sky 01 November 2018
Please Me 16 February 2019
Please Me 02 March 2019
Grenade 23 November 2010
When I Was Your Man 06 February 2013
Just The Way You Are 09 September 2010
The Lazy Song 16 April 2011
Uptown Funk 19 November 2014
Nothin' On You 10 March 2010
It Will Rain 11 November 2011
Locked Out Of Heaven 16 October 2012
Mirror 01 February 2012
Uptown Funk 02 May 2015
Treasure 15 June 2013
Billionaire 07 May 2010
Liquor Store Blues 04 March 2011
Count On Me 03 October 2020
Marry You 03 October 2020
Runaway Baby 03 October 2020
Talking To The Moon 03 October 2020
Our First Time 03 October 2020
Gorilla 16 October 2013
The Other Side 15 July 2010
Leave The Door Open 05 March 2021
Leave The Door Open 10 March 2021

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