Miguel Bosé Announces New Material Amid The Controversy Over His Recent Interviews

In addition to celebrating his 44 years of career. "I am a denier and I carry it with my head held high," declared Miguel Bosé in the Jordi Évole interview that swept audiences last week.

  With this and other worrying statements, the singer has become one of the most controversial public figures of the moment for his position on the vaccine to stop the Coronavirus. But it seems that this has not left him dry of inspiration. In fact, quite the opposite.

Bosé broke into social networks, between “insults, mockery and ridicule” as he describes, to celebrate his 44-year career and convey a message that few expected: new music and a tour.

“On a day like today 44 years ago, I started my career with“ linda ”. After this obligatory and at the same time necessary absence, I resume navigation. New material will arrive very soon and tour . Thank you all for getting here ”, he wrote in the publication that consists of a collage of one of his first performances and ended with the emphatic phrase: “ A new era begins ” .

The artist has removed the option to comment on the Instagram post where he gave the news to avoid negative comments. This makes it difficult to know what the reaction of his followers (and haters ) has been, but what is clear is that, even after his tricky words, Bosé still has an army of fans.


An account of fans from Mexico wrote in stories : “We want to congratulate you with all our heart. Throughout your career you have not only dedicated yourself to music, but also to noble causes, as well as to being a man of peace. We always hug you, we always love you for many more years ”.

Bosé's arguments 

"I have access to the millions of documents that any citizen can have to realize the great scam and what this is going to bring them because they are all going to fall, one after another, politicians, doctors, pharmacists and the accomplices of the armed wing which are the media. They will fall one after another and many of them will not be able to go out to walk quietly. We are going to go to a second trial in Nuremberg so spectacular, which is already underway, that they are going to shit ", he argued in the interview in which he did not hesitate to accuse the perpetrators of this" scam ".

“I have learned much more about this issue because it is a subject that concerns me and that has touched me directly. This topic that comes from a poster of psychopathic billionaires called the Davos Forum and that is being planned, and I do not have access to any unofficial information, no, you can read it. They have believed it so much, they believe so much the owners of humanity, of the Earth, of the planet, because they are very rich, and they are very arrogant and arrogant. You go to Moderna's page and what you don't want to discuss with me, they tell you on Moderna's page ”, he explained to the journalist.


Miguel Bosé

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