The Chemical Brothers: A Hopeful Comeback

 The Chemical Brothers are reactivating the machine! It must be said that two years have passed since the release of the excellent "No Geography", presented via a Bercy robotic show and strongly influenced by Brexit. 

 We don't know anything about what will happen, when it will happen, or how. It would have been impossible to produce a record of music in which our anguish would not have seeped in one way or another. Everything is there. Mourning. The lack. Puzzled her. And the hope, despite everything, of a harmony found in a party, in a nightclub, with the impression that youth is still there, with freedom then confided the duo behind the hit "Block Rockin 'Beats" our colleagues from Libration. Since then, the tandem has obviously taken advantage of the confinement to give birth to new songs. If a tenth studio album is not yet the order of the day, the Chemical Brothers come to punctuate the spring with "The Darkness That You Fear".

"It's a musical piece full of hope"

But behind this dark track to say the least, the group unveils on the contrary a dancing and resolutely positive track, whose sampled voices are those of Caroline Ellis ("The Senses Of Our World") and John Ellison ("I'll Be Loving You "). It is a musical piece full of hope. When we found that this combination of different voices worked well with the flow of the music, it got us optimistic, like it was something we wanted to share, ' Tom Rowlands, half of the duo, said in a note from intention. Available in two versions (one of six minutes, a second shortened to four minutes for radios), "The Darkness That You Fear"

Designed as a real party call, the colorful music video for "The Darkness That Your Fear" features several archival footage of people dancing frantically, all synchronized to the track. A visual result that we owe to director Ruffmercy:When I first heard the song, I immediately connected with the theme and the positive vibe it gave off. The new government rules have been announced and, with the return of the sun, it has left me in a positive state for the coming summer. It also triggered a strong sense of nostalgia that brought me back to visual inspiration from the period I discovered The Chemical Brothers in the mid-1990s. The video mixes rare archives from the second half of the 1990s. 90s with hand painted Super 8 film textures and animation . Notice to fans, the track will be available in limited vinyl edition on June 12, on the occasion of Disquaire Day.

The Chemical Brothers

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