The Model Accused Marilyn Manson Of Cruel Bullying And Rape

Model Ashley Morgan admitted that during her two-year romance, her former lover rocker Marilyn Manson abused her cruelly. In particular, the rocker locked her in a room without food or water, left stab wounds, drank her blood, and even broke her nose. Amo

American model Ashley Morgan admitted that her former lover, rock musician Marilyn Manson stabbed her and locked her in a glass room. She announced this in an interview with People magazine.

According to the girl, she met the artist in the summer of 2010 when she was working as a model in Asia. During the first meeting, she felt a deep connection with Manson and was subdued by his intellect. However, after a few months, the rocker began to use physical and psychological violence against her.

So, during a two-year romance, the performer allegedly repeatedly tied her hands and performed sexual acts against her will. The musician refused to call his actions violence, arguing that this term cannot be used to describe a relationship with "the person you love." At the same time, during one of these acts, Manson, being intoxicated, broke the girl's nose.

Morgan said that the list of bullying by the rock artist was not limited to this. Manson also carved his initials on her thigh with a knife and kept the girl without food or water in a glass cube located in his own bedroom at least a hundred times.

Like his other lovers, Manson forced Morgan to make a "pact on blood" with him, which supposedly consisted of leaving a wound on his partner's body and drinking blood from it.

The model admitted that she ended unhealthy relationships with the artist several times, but returned due to emotional dependence. The final break, she said, occurred only in January 2013. “I am not a victim, but a survivor! I want all people to know who he is. My revelations are worth noting a single woman to be harmed, ”said Morgan, having caught the ex-lover of cruel bullying.

The musician's managers, as well as representatives of the label that worked with Manson, consider the model's testimony to be lies and slander and claim that she met with the artist for no more than a week.

More than ten women reported psychological and physical abuse by the musician, including singer Phoebe Bridgers and Game of Thrones star Esme Bianco. Also the star of the series "Westworld", actress Evan Rachel Wood spoke about this. After a wave of allegations of violence, the musician hired 24-hour security for his Los Angeles mansion.


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