Gims Victim Of Racism: His Testimony

In the portrait dedicated to him. Undoubtedly, Gims is one of the most popular artists in France. Since the start of his career, the rapper has cast more than 6 million albums, including his pope with Sexion D'Assaut .

  It is standard reacted the one who is currently number one in sales with the rdition "The vestiges of the scourge" in the portrait of the week devoted to him by the show "Seven eight" Sunday evening on TF1. An open- hearted interview called "My way, my family and my France" in which Gims returned to his complicated arrival in France, when he was only two years old and his parents were fleeing Zare and its dictatorship.I was a little migrant. We arrived in the Parisian suburbs, in the provinces, to end Paris. It's barrels, barrels all my childhood so that for a moment the car stops. There, you wonder if they're still alive inside or not. By I do not know what miracle, we got out of the car and we stabilized , explained the artist, sensitized art 9 years.

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"Racism is one of the greatest injustices"

It's more the recreation center. I learned a bit about the history of France, getting to know French artists, art. (...) It is there that I discover the scene. I did a play: "Le bourgeois gentilhomme", "Les tricks de Scapin" ... And I realize that I like it. There, I go into the history, the culture, the pride of France. It was that moment that I was first applauded , Gims remembered, realizing his incredible journey. After having posed on the front page of Paris Match , knee down and fist in the air, to denounce racism, the interpreter of "So far everything is going well" returned to this subject unfortunately still very topical. For him,There is no greater injustice than blaming someone for a color they did not choose. I don't remember choosing my color. (...) We are born like a .

For Gims, racism is one of the greatest injustices . And the interpreter of "Only You" knows what he is talking about since he suffered so much as a kid : I was called a "monkey", "macaque" or "dirty black". And for children in 2021 it's the same thing ... There is a job that is not done . But the singer, who describes himself as a child of the people , refuses to believe that France is a racist country :No (...) It would be condemning innocent people, people who are not. We cannot say a like a . For him, the evil is there but the good dominates. And good will always rule . A message of hope.

Maître Gims

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