Desi Slava

Russian singer Slava criticizes surgeon Khaidarov from a strip club, relieving stress through dancing and denying drug use.

Russian singer Slava, whose real name is Anastasia Slanevskaya, has reached out from a strip club in an intoxicated state and criticized surgeon Timur Khaidarov, whom she had previously accused of a botched plastic surgery. She shared this information on her Instagram account, although the social media platform is banned in Russia as it is owned by Meta Corporation, which has been deemed extremist and prohibited in the country. The artist revealed that she uses alcohol in establishments with male strippers to relieve stress after her scandal with Khaidarov. She also denied rumors of drug use. "This is how I relieve my stress, without narcotics. Through dancing! Girls and boys, dance, love, and relax! If people talk about you, let them... I'm telling the truth. Do I drink? Yes, I drink! Do I relax? Yes, I relax! As for this creature [Khaidarov] - God will be his judge," the singer expressed. On July 22nd, Slava publicly spoke about her unsuccessful breast plastic surgery performed by the renowned surgeon. She also showcased large scars on her body. Later, Slava responded to Khaidarov's allegations that she had allegedly extorted money from him. In the comments section of one of her social media posts, the doctor accused the celebrity, as well as her colleague Lyubov Uspenskaya, of demanding a large sum from him. Slava clarified that she did indeed ask the doctor for compensation for the poor intervention, which she had to rectify with another specialist. In September, Slava and Uspenskaya reacted to Khaidarov's interview with Sobchak regarding the scandal.

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