Selena Gomez ft. J Balvin: The featuring we didn’t know we needed

Selena Gomez is known for the numerous musical successes she has had through the years.

Not only has interpreted main characters in movies and series but also has done plenty of recognized albums over the world. She decided to share a place in the studio with the one and only J Balvin. The Colombian singer who we have seen several times occupying the number one on different top hits lists, including Billboard.


Benny Blanco, the one with the audacity to pair these two stars, decided to release this past month the song named ‘’I Can’t Get Enough’’ produced by Tainy. The song was released on radios on March 12th of this year. After the collaboration was announced on Selena Gomez’s Instagram account, she posted some pictures with Blanco were they appeared to be on set recording the music video.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, J Balvin said he would be singing in Spanish and Selena in English. He also mentioned he loves working with her because of how ‘’humble’’ and ‘’awesome’’ she is. In another interview, Balvin said that he invited Tainy to the collaboration and that he thinks the song will be a ‘’world hit’’. Later the cover of the song was published and the date of release was going to be on February 28th of 2019.


The Colombian superstar was nominated for 12 categories in ‘’Premios Lo Nuestro’’. He performed his latest song ‘’Reggaeton’’ during the ceremony.

Selena Gomez on her side has had 2018 full of ups and downs. At first, what was painted as a wonderful year, ended with a crisis that led to being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Later she remained out of her social networks and the public eye to take care of her mental health. However, it seems that this is changing, her recent posts were indicating she is back and ready to deliver more music.


‘’I Can’t Get Enough’’ music video has now 30 million views on Youtube and is placed on the Billboard’s Top 100 Songs. We thought we knew what we needed until this day.

In the video, we can see the 4 musicians in bed, but it's not what you think, it's a really giant bed, maybe the size of an entire room, where the artists sing and dance to the rhythm of the song.


Selena Gomez already captivated Latin audiences in her collaboration with reggaeton star Ozuna and Cardi B, 'Taki Taki' became an instant hit on the radio and discotheques.


We are still waiting for the continuation of 'Revival', her 2015 album that marked the beginning of a more mature stage for the singer. Since then Selena has been releasing singles and “featurings”, such as the megahit 'Wolves' with Marshmello.

Or 'Anxiety' recent collaboration with the singer and songwriter Julia Michaels


Although we still don't know exactly when this new album will arrive, we will continue to enjoy Selena's amazing collaborations with reggaeton artists. 


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