The World's Highest-Paid Musicians Of 2018

About $886 million made by the top ten highest paid musicians of the year 2018.

However, this years list is more massive, featuring four hundred-million-dollar paychecks(U2, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars). Although the first four names on this years list are from the pop genre, the others on the list offer a wide range of styles. Just two of the top ten are women, led by Katy Perry (No. 5, $83 million). One of the most hardworking names in our lists, she played 80 dates during our scoring period, making over $1 million per night. Shes followed closely by Taylor Swift (No. 6, $80 million). The figures below are earnings from the first day of June 2017 till precisely a year after, before deducting fees for agents, managers, and lawyers. The information provided corresponds to Forbes estimates.


U2 ($118 million)

Topping the list is U2, the immortal Irishmen released the album: "Joshua Tree" more thirty years ago, and it remains evergreen. U2 played the whole album virtually at every show on their Joshua Tree Tour and made $316 million; also 2.7 million enthusiasts were present to make it last years maximum rewarding excursion. The end of The Joshua Tree Tour and the beginning of U2s subsequent tour combined to help the band make an estimated amount of $118 million in our scoring period, making U2 the worlds highest-paid musical act. During all the time on the road, U2 also managed to release its 14th studio album, "Songs Of Experience." For frontman Bono, these elements go together.


Coldplay ($115.5 million)

Ireland and the U.K. monopolize this year top three. Coldplay comes second on the list with $115.5 million; its A Head Full Of Dreams Tour grossed more than half a billion dollars in its two-year, five-continent run.


Ed Sheeran ($110 million)

Ed Sheeran, at just 27 years old, comes third on the list with $110 million. His billions of streaming videos helped make him the highest-paid solo act on our list.


Bruno Mars ($100 million)

Bruno Mars has grossed over a quarter-billion dollars (and counting) on his 24K Magic World Tour and keeps more of it than many acts due to his canny management arrangement. When he co-wrote Billionaire, he imagined a life that didn't involve fretting over finances.


Katy Perry ($83 million)

Katy Perry played 80 dates on the World Tour during her fifth album, "witness," making over $1 million each night and get paid $20 million for being a judge for American Idol.


Taylor Swift ($80 million)

Taylor Swift earned a lot during her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. Five shows in, Swift had already received $54 million in sales that's $10.8 million per show. The Reputation Stadium Tour of Taylor Swift ended up being the highest grossing tour in the whole of US history it grossed $266.1 million on more than 2 million ticket sales.


Jay-Z ($76.5 million)

Jay-Z comes first on our list from the hip-hop styles. His estimated earnings in 2018 were $76.5 million.


Guns N Roses ($71 million)

Guns N' Roses, often abbreviated as GNR, is a hard rock band from Los Angeles, California. Guns N' Roses estimated earnings in 2018 was $71 million.


Roger Waters ($68 million)

Roger Waters is an Englishman that sings, write songs, a bassist, and a composer. In 1965, he was a starting member of the progressive rock band, Pink Floyd. Waters initially served as the bassist in the Pink Floyd band, but transformed to being their lyricist, co-lead vocalist, and conceptual leader following the departure of songwriter Syd Barrett in 1968. Roger Waters is a touring machine, making bank with almost a hundred shows in our scoring period on his worldwide Us and Them tour. Being in his 70's, Waters remains a fireband, managing his tour with politics and edginess.


Diddy ($64 million)


Diddy's earnings in 2018 were $64 Million. Diddy comes tenth on our list and places second on the hip-hop styles artists.


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