Launch the contest

The contest opens on 12 September 2020.

Select participants

The entries will be selected between 12 September 2020 and 26 September 2020.

You can vote for as many as you want songs. In order to suggest a song, follow the instructions below:

Go to Search Page

Find the song that you would like to support/suggest.

Go to the song page.

If the song is eligible for voting, you'll see a green message (like the message you've read now) on the top of the screen.

Click on the button "VOTE".


Once the process of selecting participants to represent each country is completed, the actual voting and competition for a better ranking begins. The number of rounds depends on the total number of groups (see next section for more information).

For example, if there are 120 contest songs in this edition of the contest, they will be divided into 12 groups (10 per group). This automatically means that there will be 12 rounds.

All 120 competition songs will compete in each round. Thus, there will be 12 groups in each round.

After the end of the last round, there is a final - last round. It will determine the winner of the competition. The final round will consist of the 10 songs that have received the most points in the previous 12 rounds.


All participants granted to represent particular counties will be allocated to groups.

The number of groups depends on the number of songs participating in the competition. At least ten songs will take part in each group.

For example, if 120 songs participate in the contest, then 12 groups of 10 songs will be formed in each one.

If for some reason the number of songs is not an integer, then in some groups there will be 11 songs.

Even after the end of the process of selecting participants, the groups and the songs that will enter them are automatically generated. The songs will fall into different groups in each round. In addition, the arrangement of the songs in the groups and the songs that will form each group will be completely random. They will be announced as soon as all participants become clear.



For each registered vote you give a certain number of points to the selected song or songs.

Voting weight

If you are not registered on the site, then you will be entitled to fewer points than registered users. Those who, in addition to being registered, have also contributed to the development of the site and have accumulated units in their account, will have three times more weight when voting.

Voting when selecting participants

As an unregistered user, when you suggest a song to participate in the contest, you will bring it 1 point. If you register on the site and vote, then the song will receive 2 points. If you have 50 units in your account, the suggested song will receive 3 points.

The song with the most votes from each country will be a representative of the country.

For example, if through their votes, users of the site have proposed 11 songs from a country, then only the one who has collected the most points will be a representative of the country.

Voting in the rounds

As described above, each round includes groups. Each group will consist of at least 10 songs.

You should know that when you vote in a group, you vote for each song included in that group. By shuffling, you will arrange the songs in the group and thus, the one you put at the top of the list will get the maximum number of points.

For example, if a group has 10 songs in it, the one you put at the top of the list will get 10 points, the second one in a row will get 9 points and so on until we get to the song at the bottom of the list - it will get 1 point .

If we take the example above, if you vote as a registered user, the points you will give to the songs in the group will be doubled. Thus, the first on the list will receive 20 points, and the last - 2 points.

If you contribute to the site and at least 50 units, the points you have will triple. Thus, the first song placed at the top of the list will receive 30 points, and the last 3 points.

Each user can vote once for the songs in each group during every round.

End of vote

At the end of each round, the points will be equalized.

For example, let's take for example GROUP 1 from ROUND 1. There are only 3 songs in GROUP 1.

With your votes, the first song received 500 points, the second 390 points, and the third 68.

Let's add GROUP 2 from ROUND 1 to the example. There are also 3 songs in GROUP 2.

With your votes, the first song from GROUP 2 received 2550 points, the second 240 points and the third 99.

As you can see, some songs can get significantly more points in a given round. To equalize the chances of all the songs, we equalize them.

Thus, in GROUP 1, the songs will receive 3 points, 2 points, 1 point instead of 500 points, 390 points and 68 points.

In GROUP 2 the songs will also receive 3 points, 2 points, 1 point, instead of 2550 points, 240 points and 99 points.

Why do we equate?

The reason is simple. In each round, the songs will fall into a group with different songs. It would not be fair if a song received too many points from one round, but in the others it took significantly less.

Final Round

The final round opens on 26 December 2020 .

It contains 10 entries that received the most points during the previous rounds.

Unlike other rounds, the final round can change the final ranking in the Top 10.

The starting point is the points accumulated from the first 10 in the previous rounds.

For example, let's take the following songs and the points they scored before the final round:

Song "A" - 230 points

Song "B" - 190 points

Song "C" - 186 points

Song "D" - 166 points

Song "E" - 147 points

Song "T" - 121 points

Song "P" - 103 points

Song "G" - 94 points

Song "R" - 91 points

Song "M" - 55 points

The final round will include only 1 group of ten songs. These are the ten songs with the most points during the competition.

After the end of the final round, let's say you voted as follows:

Song "A" - 55 points

Song "B" - 35 points

Song "C" - 98 points

Song "D" - 556 points

Song "E" - 632 points

Song "T" - 1025 points

Song "P" - 33 points

Song "G" - 105 points

Song "R" - 5422 points

Song "M" - 10 points

As you can see, according to this vote, the winner should be Song "R". But is it objective? The song that finished ninth in the voting before the final round won?

For this reason, we will equate the voting in the final round with the points from the previous rounds. Thus, the first in the final round will receive 230 points, the second 190 points and the tenth 55 points.

When we impose the points from the final round we will get the following:

Song "R" - 230 points

Song "T" - 190 points

Song "E" - 186 points

Song "D" - 166 points

Song "G" - 147 points

Song "C" - 121 points

Song "A" - 103 points

Song "B" - 94 points

Song "P" - 91 points

Song "M" - 55 points

To get maximum results, we add the points from the final round with those from the total result from before and get the following END points:

Song "R" - 230 points + 91 points = 321

Song "T" - 190 points + 121 points = 311

Song "E" - 186 points + 147 points = 333

Song "D" - 166 points + 166 points = 332

Song "D" - 147 points + 94 points = 241

Song "C" - 121 points + 186 points = 307

Song "A" - 103 points + 230 points = 333

Song "B" - 94 points + 190 points = 284

Song "P" - 91 points + 103 points = 194

Song "M" - 55 points + 55 points = 110

As you can see from this simulated result there are two songs with equal numbers. The winner will be this song with more points before the grand final. In this case, the winner is song "A".

End the contest

The contest closes on 26 December 2020.