Controversy And The Nigerian Artiste

While the Nigerian industry has created a niche for itself outside the shores of Nigeria, the artistes themselves have a way of brewing controversies. These controversies have managed to revolve around their personal lives, fandom, and music business.

Over time, there have been diverse scandals, subs thrown on social media especially on Twitter, serious backlash and continuous comparisons and rivalry among these musicians.



However, some of the Controversies that rocked the world of some of the well known Nigerian musicians will be addressed.


The Controversies

Within the last three years, several issues brought about high screams and reactions in the entertainment world of Nigerian musicians and their fans. Some of these Controversies include;


Kizz Daniel

While popularity and fame have obstacles attached to them, Kizz Daniel; a prominent Nigerian singer has had his fair share of troubles. In 2017, he broke out from the record label that signed him up i.e G-Worldwide Entertainment.

This break up led to a series of court cases and the suing of Kizz Daniel by the record label. However, he was never found guilty of all the crimes the label accused him of. With this case, he legitimately changed his name from kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel.

This change was due to the fact that the record label was claiming rights to his stage name; Kiss Daniel. With the change of name, he also created new Spotify and Apple music accounts plus his new songs.

He has managed to create his very own record label and has signed some upcoming artistes. Also, he has released diverse hit tracks featuring top Nigerian acts such as Davido and Wizkid.


P Square

We have heard of groups breaking up, bands going their separate ways but never have we seen twin musicians split up. This was apparently the biggest moment in the history of the Nigerian music industry.

Africa's number one pair; P Square parted ways to the dismay of both their families and fans alike. Although the twins have talked about issues on breaking up, the year 2017 generated the last straw that unfortunately broke the back of the poor camel.

Peter and Paul, famously known as P Square went their own ways after so many internal quarrels and fights that happened on social media. Currently, their fans know them as Mr. P and Rudeboy. They are solo artistes now.



One cool morning, citizens of Nigeria woke up to fresh accusations against Davido. This had to do with the death of his friend; Tagbo. Before his death, he was on a drinking binge with Davido and his 30 billion gang.

The proverbial hell was let loose on Davido by a prominent actress; Caroline Danjuma, a friend to Tagbo. With the accusation came serious backlash on the musician and his unserious lifestyle.

However, within days he managed to clear his name.



Falz got into his first controversy due to his highly talked about video of his single This Is Nigeria. According to the NFCVB; National Film and Video Censors Board, the musician's song did not pass through the board to be examined before it was released.

The agency denied viewing the video claiming their tracking team never brought it to their notice until its release.

NFCVB handles the rating and censorship of music videos right before they get to the mainstream media. Asides from NFCVB, another rights group also threw some statements at Falz.

This group is none other than MURIC; Muslim Rights Concern. They asked for an apology from Falz for depicting girls wearing hijab dancing in the video.

Falz's song and video is an adaptation of This Is America by Childish Gambino. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Falz's camp made it clear that the video will not be taken off YouTube and if MURIC had any issue, they can as well head to court.



To Sum It Up

What is the entertainment industry without controversy? There are people with the belief that controversies rule the world and it would all be boring if there were no conflicts here and there. For these musicians, they manage to have their fans solidly behind them through it all.




/ Popnable Media

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