Much like everything music is not immune to change we look back at some old classic artists and songs not too far back as well as recent day songs and artists

The transition of Nigeria music industry has been something to behold, while some might argue that back then the music was better others might want to argue that this day is the day that our music came alive due to the acknowledgments it has received from the outside word.

It is very obvious that every era would seek to defend the music of its time, but we should focus on the major goal which is enjoying these songs.




King Sunday Adeniyi Adeyeye born on 22 September 1946 is widely regarded as one Nigerians most important musicians of all time.

King Sunny Ade as the name suggests was born into a royal home, and from the onset, he was interested in music, he is widely known for is juju music which gained recognition from all over Africa.


One of his most influential songs was the way forward featuring various other artists in 1994 the song addressed different societal ills, including ethnic violence, the song was sung in several Nigeria languages.



A man of many talents as he widely called due to his abundant number of skills, he is a musician, writer, sculptor just to mention a few.

Popularly known for is a style of music called “joromi” music, which is a type of highlife. Sir Uwaifo took the nation by storm from the 1960s and won the first golden record in Nigeria and West Africa for his song “joromi”, a song which has been sampled by different artists most recently by Nigeria star Simi. Some of his other hit songs are “guitar boy” and “mami water” which he actually insist that he had an encounter with a mermaid.



One of the most talented individual to grace the Nigeria music hemisphere. Born on 11 November 1960, shortly after Nigeria’s independence in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She is widely known as Nigeria’s “lady the of songs”, “Mummy Seun rere”, which comes as no surprise because of her hit song “seun rere”, which is still being played on Nigerian radio stations.

She was the first female president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), currently of blessed memory (30 June 2011) but her songs live long in the hearts of so many.



Fela is often regarded as the greatest Nigeria musician to have ever lived and possibly to ever live. He is widely regarded as the king of “Afrobeats”. Fela has so many songs in his discography like a lady, water no gets enemy, shakara but the most crucial was perhaps “beast of no nation” that brought the entire world to a standstill with his views about the Nigeria Government. Fela died on the 2nd of August 1997 but his memory is still fresh in Nigerian minds and his legacy lives on.





2Baba is the hybrid of Nigeria music because he has this fusion of the old and new school about him, he started out with the Planatashun Boiz but soon broke out from the group for his individual Journey.

2baba is a winner of multiple awards like MTV Europe Music Award, one world Music award to mention a few, for his songs like “African Queen”, “if love is a crime” and most recently “Amaka”.

African queen is arguably is the most loved song and the song that shot him into the limelight, 2baba is easily the greatest Nigerian musician currently in “active” music according to his musical mates.



The Nigeria superstar, Ayodeji Balogun born in Surulere Lagos has been at the pinnacle of Nigeria music since is the first album “Superstar” which features hits like “don’t dull”, “holla at your boy”, “oluwa lo ni” and love my baby.

Wizkid style of music as brought recognition from the international stars like Drake, Chris Brown and all others, Wizkid’s songs are always on the top of Nigerian charts, many regard his impact in the Nigeria music as compared to that of the icon Fela.



Olamide Adedeji who is popularly addressed by his stage name, Olamide Baddo. A multi-award winner with major hits like voice of the street, first of all, durosoke, science student.

Olamide is often said that he is the “king of the street”, because of his regular fusion of “street style” in his songs. He can be said to be the pioneer of this type of music and have paved the way for more stars like Lil Kesh, Zlatan Ibile and Naira Marley.

Is a style of music has encouraged other artist to stick to their indigenous roots and try to propagate from there instead of referring to more foreign methods?


ODUNSI the engine

Odunsi the engine is the front runner of the new Nigeria style regarded as “alte”, this brand of music is said to have this eccentric feel about it and is not the normal sound Nigerians are used to.

Odunsi is shown to light with his new wave of alternative music with hit songs like star signs, desire, and alte cruise.

He is accompanied by other stars like Santi, Nonso Amadi, Wavy the creator as they seek to bring a new set of sound to the Nigeria industry and most people will say they are succeeding in that endeavor.


Quite recently they have been having more airplays and even sold out concerts, it quite easy to see that this new wave of artists is here to stay and so is their style of music.

Whichever style or era of music you choose to identify with, it without a shadow a doubt that you will be spoilt for choice with the quality of music on display and will have a long list to choose from.

Nigeria music has grown so much with the new school often stating that they draw a lot of inspiration from the old school and most of their idols are from the old school, so that is a sign that it is a progressive world of music.




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