A Concrete Look Into The Personal Life Of Nigerian Musicians

The Nigerian music industry is currently taking the world by storm tremendously. Music from the industry has not only been accepted universally, they have also gained world recognition.

Apparently, Nigerian Musicians even get featured by international musicians on the artiste's songs. As a matter of fact, there are so many collaborations that have been going on with foreign acts.

However, asides for their music that soothes every mood, so many people have little to no knowledge about the personal lifes of some of these musicians that are changing the industry.

Thus, this article will help to give a concrete outlook on the lives of these game changers.

Artistes And Their Personal Lives

Some of the well-known game changers will be analyzed in this article, which are;


Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is currently the biggest Nigerian female musician. She is a songwriter, a singer, an actor and also a notable performer. Much of her childhood was not spent in Nigeria as she left the country at the young age of eleven.

Tiwa got her degree in Business administration from the University of Kent. This degree has aided in how she has managed to navigate through the complexities of the music business internationally.

Tiwa was also staff at the Royal Bank of Scotland at a point in time. Meanwhile, her career in singing started when she sang background vocals for the Grammy-nominated singer; George Michael.

From then on, she worked with prominent international artistes like Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, and Kelly Clarkson. Her achievements are quite much as she has both shared stages and written songs for international acts.

Currently, Tiwa attained a songwriting deal with Sony/ATV music publishing and she has a recording contract with the popular Nigerian record label; Mavin records.

In 2016, she took to her Instagram page to announce her public and management deal with Roc Nation. She is bilingual and widely known to sing in both English and Yoruba. She has a child from her marriage that crashed in the year 2016 also.



Asides been a musician in Nigeria, he has a successful legal career and has the title of an actor, television personality and song writer attached to his name.

Even though by profession he is a lawyer, he has managed to win more hearts through the microphone than in the court of law. While so many artistes had the dream of becoming world known musicians, falz's dream was not to become a singer.

However, he picked up music as his main hobby when he was in secondary school and went on to form a band known as The School Boys. In 2018, he released his most controversial song; This Is Nigeria.

The song was inspired by another song called This Is America made by American actor Donald Glover or Childish Gambino; his stage name. While Gambino’s song exposed some difficulties in America, Falz's song followed the same trail.

Falz is currently unmarried and has no child. He has made statements that he would not join the baby mama trend i.e having a child out of wedlock. However, he hopes to get married legally some day.



Previously known as 2face, he has successfully changed his stage name to 2baba. However, his real name still remains Innocent Ujah Idibia. He is a household name in his home country; Nigeria.

There is basically no one in Nigeria that does not know 2baba or his hit track African Queen. He is rated among the Nigerian musical legends. Asides being a songwriter, he is a song producer and also an entrepreneur.

Undoubtedly, he is the most highly decorated, notable and influential Afro-pop musician in the whole of Africa. For 2baba, music is not just a mere pass time, it is his life.

He has won diverse awards for not just his talent but his hard work. Some of which include; MTV Europe Award, BET Award, MOBO Award, KORA award and World Music Award amongst so many others.

For his love life, it cannot be termed as dull because he is widely known for his seven children from four different baby Mamas. Although, 2baba is currently married. Hopefully, his little children would lean towards his musical path.

To Sum It Up


It is no doubt that the music industry in Nigeria has been experiencing so many buzz and trends lately. These are some of the game changers taking Nigeria to the international scene through universal penetration, recognition and their top-notch musical qualities. 


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