A few years back, the big players in the hip hop world feared a day might come when the entire rap game would experience a new dynasty.

Art that would undergo what one would call a “corporate-influenced” change. This is important, as it would make it more presentable and more consumable to mainstream America. Well, it's no longer breaking news that that day is finally here. In the words of Curtis Jackson aka 50 cents “Hip hop is black music, without question, and, unfortunately for some people, it is tough to accept that you’ve got a white artist that does it better than a black artist …”. In this article, we will be sharing with you five ways Eminem. 



Born on the 17th of October, 1972, Marshall Bruce Mathers III (known professionally as Eminem) are an American Rapper, record producer, songwriter, film producer, actor, and record executive. He is known today as one of the greatest rappers of all time. More interestingly, he is viewed as one of the most influential artists to over grace the earth. 


Rolling stone placed him in the loss of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, also labeling him as the King of Hip Hop. In 1996, he dropped his first album “Infinite” and in 1997 dropped the extended play Slim Shady EP. He then got signed into Aftermath Entertainment owned by Dr. Dre. He achieved fame and mainstream popularity in the late 90s (1999 to be precise) thanks to his Slim Shady LP which earned him a Grammy Award (first of many) coupled with both The Marshal Mathers LP (2000) and The Eminem Show which was released in 2002, all of which were global successes. To crown up the successes, the two albums were certified diamond in the United States of America. Both albums won him Best Rap Album Grammy Awards – making him the first Artist to ever win the Award for three Consecutive LPs. 


Spotlighting his solo career, Eminem was once a member of the Midwest Hip Hop groups D12 and Soul Intent, he was also known for his collaborations with Royce da 5’9”. Then the two were known as Bad Meets Evil. He has also ventured into other businesses such as owning his on channel “Shady 45” and Shady Records with Paul Rosenberg (the manager) helping to launch the careers of other artists including Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). 


How Eminem has helped influence the Hip Hop World. 

With his career spanning over two decades, without a doubt, Eminem has touched the world of hip hop with his flaming lyrics and flows. So, how exactly has he done that? 


•    Flows we couldn’t fathom.

One of the few things that stood (still stands) Eminem out are is flows. With unfathomable flows that blew everyone away, it was then more about when rather than how he would get a grip hold on the general hip hop world. Even though this wasn’t really is selling point when he first started, with many people tagging it abrasive and rippling with a taste and sense of dysfunctionality and violence which as made more disturbing with the element of cartoons that was brought into the whole imagery of his flows, it still by far one of the most venomous of them all. 

In the 80s, the “Emperor” of flows used to be Rakim, he revolutionized rapping. What stood out about Rakim was the fluidity of his flows. Been able to move smoothly between the beat was something many had never seen before. It seems Eminem took this and added more to it by adding a unique feel of playful pitch and speed, which made it almost impossible to imitate. 


•    Brought out the commercial part of hip hop. 

In the past, hip hop used to be more of the stiff, gang banging, violence-filled genre recognizable to the African American. The ability to unleash the business part of this genre has made Eminem gain the respect of many of his colleagues in the industry. Eminem sold over 100 million albums worldwide while Kanye West which was his nearest competitor was way far behind. By far, he (Eminem) was the best – selling musician in the early 2000s, and the interesting part was, this cut across all genre. To top it all, his latest album Kamikaze still hit the number one spot in different countries all around the world. 


•    He paved way for other white rappers. 

We all know that hip hop is more of a cultural thing rather than a genre, owned by African American, this was seen as the imagery of the black world. The Emergence of Eminem brought a paradigm shift, making the culturally acceptable worldwide. As a result of his success in this industry, other white rappers were (and still are) able to come into the industry without having to worry about acceptability. Now, we see other white rappers such as MGK amongst others. 


•    He revolutionized the art form 

Eminem dropping a video was more of an event, it was so good that it would usually overshadow his music – but that would only happen if the music itself was not good enough. Unforgettable, cinematic, unique and cinematic, these words perfectly explain what his videos stood for. From the tragedy of Stan, the melodramatic scenes in Cleanin’ Out My Closet; the insanity and absurdity of The Real Slim Shady down to the comic – feel of the video Without Me. 


•    His weirdness made it a hit.

Hip Hop in the 90s was an image of masculinity, violence, chaos, gang banging amongst other negative vises. Two major artists who found themselves in the middle of these all were Biggie and Tupac. And there was Eminem who softened it up and brought light into the whole dark – filled industry. Rather than rapping out gangsters, he focused more on bringing up his traumatic childhood, and people related easily with that. In it all, he showed us all that honesty, weirdness and been unique were still achievable without having to sacrifice success. 


Saying Marshall Mathers (Eminem) is a legend might in the rap world sound like an understatement.

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