In this article, we will show you the most popular songs from South Korea of all time. Explore the most popular music videos from South Korea. These entries are the most famous Korean songs ever.

The best Korean music of all time. The most popular Korean top songs. The incredible most famous Korean songs of all time.

"Gangnam Style"

sung by: Psy

Net Worth: $3M



sung by: Psy

Net Worth: $1.1M


"Ddu-Du Ddu-Du"

sung by: Blackpink

Net Worth: $1.1M



sung by: Bts (Bangtan Boys)

Net Worth: $866.3K


"Kill This Love"

sung by: Blackpink

Net Worth: $825.4K



sung by: Blackpink

Net Worth: $779K


"Boy With Luv"

Boy With Luv - Most Popular Songs from South Korea

sung by: Bts (Bangtan Boys), Halsey

Net Worth: $761.2K


"As If It's Your Last"

As If It's Your Last - Most Popular Songs from South Korea

sung by: Blackpink

Net Worth: $693K


"Fake Love"

Fake Love - Most Popular Songs from South Korea

sung by: Bts (Bangtan Boys)

Net Worth: $615.8K


"My Style"

My Style - Most Popular Songs from South Korea

sung by: Hyuna, Psy

Net Worth: $612.1K



Idol - Most Popular Songs from South Korea

sung by: Bts (Bangtan Boys)

Net Worth: $595.9K


# Song Singers
1 Gangnam Style Psy
2 Gentleman Psy
3 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Blackpink
4 Dna Bts (Bangtan Boys)
5 Kill This Love Blackpink
6 Boombayah Blackpink
7 Boy With Luv Bts (Bangtan Boys), Halsey
8 As If It's Your Last Blackpink
9 Fake Love Bts (Bangtan Boys)
10 My Style Hyuna, Psy
11 Idol Bts (Bangtan Boys)
12 Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) Steve Aoki, Bts (Bangtan Boys)
13 Fire Bts (Bangtan Boys)
14 Blood Sweat & Tears Bts (Bangtan Boys)
15 Dope Bts (Bangtan Boys)
16 Playing With Fire Blackpink
17 Whistle Blackpink
18 How You Like That Blackpink
19 Tt Twice
20 Solo Jennie
21 Daddy Psy
22 Save Me Bts (Bangtan Boys)
23 Bang Bang Bang Big Bang
24 Bống Bống Bang Bang S.t (From 365Daband)
25 Likey Twice
26 Bboom Bboom Momoland
27 Fantastic Baby Big Bang
28 Love Scenario Ikon
29 Not Today Bts (Bangtan Boys)
30 What Is Love? Twice
31 Dynamite Bts (Bangtan Boys)
32 Cheer Up Twice
33 Like Ooh-Ahh Twice
34 Spring Day Bts (Bangtan Boys)
35 Boy In Luv Bts (Bangtan Boys)
36 Monster Exo
37 Fancy Twice
38 Hangover Snoop Dogg, Psy
39 Just Right Got7
40 Heart Shaker Twice
41 Love Shot Exo
42 Ice Cream Selena Gomez, Blackpink
43 Good Boy Taeyang
44 Bad Boy Red Velvet
45 Ko Ko Bop Exo
46 Feel Special Twice
47 Call Me Baby Exo
48 I Am The Best 2Ne1
49 Yes Or Yes Twice
50 Knock Knock Twice
51 Gee Girls' Generation
52 Signal Twice
53 Dance The Night Away Twice
54 The Boys Girls' Generation
55 Stay With Me Mv Punch, Chanyeol
56 War Of Hormone Bts (Bangtan Boys)
57 Growl Exo
58 I Got A Boy Girls' Generation
59 Stay Blackpink
60 Dalla Dalla Itzy
61 New Face Psy
62 Overdose Exo-K
63 Wannabe Itzy
64 I Need U Bts (Bangtan Boys)
65 Loser Big Bang
66 Calm Taeyeon
67 Baam Momoland
68 Shine Pentagon
69 On Bts (Bangtan Boys)
70 More & More Twice
71 Fxxk It Big Bang
72 Mr. Simple Super Junior
73 Eyes, Nose, Lips Taeyang
74 Let's Not Fall In Love Big Bang
75 Peek-A-Boo Red Velvet
76 Russian Roulette Red Velvet
77 Psycho Red Velvet
78 Icy Itzy
79 Never Ever Got7
80 Black Swan Bts (Bangtan Boys)
81 Tempo Exo
82 Killing Me Ikon
83 Hip Mamamoo
84 Bbibbi Iu
85 Red Flavor Red Velvet
86 Blue Big Bang
87 Dun Dun Everglow
88 Bad Boy Big Bang
89 Latata (G)I-Dle
90 Palette Iu
91 Bubble Pop! Hyuna
92 Really Really Winner
93 Lotto Exo
94 A Bad Blow Agust D (Suga)
95 Crazy 4Minute
96 Gashina Sunmi
97 Energetic Wanna One
98 Oh!gg Girls' Generation
99 La Vie En Rose Izone
100 Dumb Dumb Red Velvet

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