Karol G Reveals Why His Latest Album Is Titled "KG0516"

Colombian artist Karol G recently released "KG0516", an album that has the collaboration of urban stars such as Camilo, Anuel AA, J Balvin, Nicki Minaj and others.


Karol G had a great fear when he began to prepare his new album, " KG0516 ", which was released on March 26th. "At the moment there are many urban artists and I did not want to be one more of that panorama. One more of the pile," he recognized in an interview with EFE .

Therefore, he entered the study in search of "something different" and he succeeded. " KG0516 " is a 16-song production that not only includes urban pop and the reguepop that has revolutionized the world, but also traditional reggaeton with the "dads" of the genre, bossa nova, ballads and even a corrido of his own.

"I wanted to make music that would make me stand out," he said, and also music that would allow him to bring his fans "

For Carolina Giraldo (her real name) it was important that her new music made everyone who listened to it "live experiences" and that each song was "like a stopover in a new place."

Wrapped in a set of yellow plastic jacket and pants and while fixing her long blue hair, just like the wigs she used in the promotional materials of the album, the Colombian singer assured that the possibility of participating and influencing people's lives It "moves her more than anything else."

In the process, he found powerful and even unexpected allies. In addition to Nicky Minaj, who accompanied her on the smash hit "Tusa," Karol G featured the legendary Ludacris and TikTok star Emilee,

Nicky Jam, Chencho Corleón, Wisin & Yandel, Ivy Queen, Zion, and Alberto Stylee accompanied her in an "invention" which she gave the name of "Leyendas". It is an eight-minute song in which the artists exchange segments of songs that made each other famous.


There is no evil that brings good

Although there are times when he "gets depressed", Karol G admitted that if it were not for the COVID-19 pandemic "I would not have had the time to sit down and choose the equipment, produce, compose myself."

"But yes, I miss 2000% traveling and not only the stage, but sharing with people, hearing different ideas. I find it very necessary," he added.

The artist admitted that perhaps the idea of ​​the trip came from an unconscious need to return to the madness of airplanes and tours, as she dreams of singing songs like "Tusa". "Oh Lord!" and "Bichota" before thousands of people.

With feet on the ground

When Karol G presented her previous album, "Ocean", in 2019, she was convinced that she would leave music in five years to dedicate herself to being a mother. She was recently engaged to her Puerto Rican colleague Anuel AA.

Since then the relationship intensified and fell apart, as it seems to be described in the song "El barco". Although it was clear that he did not want his personal life to steal attention from the album, he did acknowledge that the success of Karol G had changed the life of Carolina the woman.

"Of course I want to have a family, but since then I have learned that you don't have to plan. You have to work and work. Who knows what might happen. Things have changed a lot since 2019," he stressed.

The one who hasn't changed much is her.she is still just as focused and she is very clear that "around the corner from a success could be a failure."

"I think that's why I don't get stuck when something goes well, although I recognize that I would have to celebrate and believe things more," she admitted.

He gave as an example being tied with Balvin in the nominations for the Latin American Music Awards 2021, which are delivered on April 15 in Sunrise (Florida, United States), because "that night I celebrated the nine nominations, but the next day the magic it was finished and the only thing in front of me was the work that was going on. " 

Karol G

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