Karol G Talks About The Rumors Of Enmity With Rosalía

The Colombian wanted to put an end to the matter. Karol G and Rosalía are two of the most sought-after artists in the industry.

  The Colombian and the Spanish have revolutionized music in the last three years. Both are successful, they have collaborated with some of the artists of the moment and have brought their stamp to the urban genre. Although each one has shone with its own light, rumors about a rivalry between the two arose long ago. And, unfortunately, it seems that there are still many people who think that there is only room for a woman to succeed in the industry. In the XXI century!

Thus, in recent years, we have seen how many have assured that Karol G was copying Rosalía's look: that if her nails, that if Tusa used the same calligraphy as Con Altura , that if she imitated the flamenco steps in Ay , My God ...

It was now when Karol G wanted to put an end to the rumors and clarify what his relationship with Rosalía is. It has been in an interview for the Colombian radio W where the interpreter of El Makinón has finally talked about the subject:

“I have to be honest, we are not the closest artists, I have a friendship with other artists in music. With her is something more than colleagues in the industry. But there is, I think, an admiration of each one of us towards the other. A respect for what we do, I think it has been more what people have commented, they have suddenly created a line, but not really ”.


Karol G, admirer of Rosalía's music

In fact, Karol G assured that he feels a lot of admiration for Rosalía's work. In addition, he assures that he said it to her face when he met her in person.

“I think his music is incredible, it has a concept too clear and defined. A very complete artist. What we are clear about would be a bombshell would be a collaboration between the two. What better way to show the good vibes that really exists between the two than with a song?

Karol G

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