Jennifer Lopez And Alex Confirm Their Separation

It's official, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ended their two-year engagement this Thursday after weeks of rumors and denials. The


It's official, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez ended their two-year engagement this Thursday after weeks of rumors and denials. The 51-year-old singer and the 45-year-old former baseball player, a couple since 2017 and engaged since 2019, bought a house valued at $ 40 million in Miami, Florida last year.

Engaged for two years, singer Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez announce they have officially ended their relationship, in a joint statement which the American newspaper Today has had a copy of. However, they are committed to continuing to support each other even after the separation. They also appreciated each other for the beautiful memories they had shared together. “We have realized that we get along better as friends and can't wait to stay that way,” they say.

“We will continue to work together and support each other in our common business and projects. We wish each other and our respective children the best. Out of respect for them, the only additional comment we have to make is to thank all the people who sent us kind messages of support, ”the statement read.

Some American media had reported their separation in mid-March, when Jennifer Lopez was in the Dominican Republic, for a shoot and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, in Miami. The next day, the two lovebirds denied this information by qualifying it as "inaccurate", while admitting to be "working on certain things".

In March 2019, movie star Jennifer Lopez (51) and former baseball shortstop Alex Rodriguez (45) announced their engagement, with great fanfare, with marriage proposal photos taken on a beach at sunset. In early January, J. Lo told People that he had postponed the ceremony twice, citing the Covid-19 pandemic.


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